Restore Deleted Files with Disk Drill

Recovering lost and deleted files can be a complicated task. Modern software is not always user-friendly and may make it difficult to find what was lost or navigate through tons of retrieved information. Disk Drill is different, our fast and easy-to-use file recovery software can help restore deleted files on Windows.

Free version recovers up to 500MB

Disk Drill for Windows (former Pandora Recovery)
  • Easy File Recovery

    No complications needed. Disk Drill is intuitive and easy-to-use. Click, click... recover.
  • Connect to Recover

    Disk Drill can recover files on your internal and portable drives.
  • SD Friendly

    Recover files from portable memory cards such as SD cards / cameras.

#1 Three Clicks to Recover: Launch Disk Drill

Download Disk Drill for Windows to recover deleted files. Once you have downloaded Disk Drill you will need to launch Disk Drill from your Desktop or your Start Menu. Once you launch Disk Drill you will be prompted to upgrade, remember that you can recover up to 500MB of files for free. Upgrading to the Pro Edition will give you unlimited file recovery.

#2 Select The Drive & Recovery Type

Locate the drive you wish to recover deleted files from in the list of available drives. To begin scanning without any advanced options click “Recover”, Disk drill will begin recovering deleted files from your drive with the best available scanning method. You can click the “Arrow” next to the drive to manually recover with Quick Scan (faster) or Deep Scan (thorough).

#3 Recover Your Deleted Files

Continue by recovering deleted files. All of the files available to go live again will be listed under “Found Files” in the file recovery pane. You can right-click files individually to restore them or you can check the files you want and use the Recover button at the top of the screen. You will also need to select the destination to recover deleted files at the top of the screen.

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Restore Deleted Files in Hundreds of Formats

Disk Drill for Windows is capable of recovering files in hundreds of different formats. The list of truly support files is almost limitless and includes many common file types which may have been lost, damaged or permanently deleted. Supported file types include:
  • Word Documents (.doc)
  • Excel Documents (.xls, .xlsx)
  • Image Files (.jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .psd)
  • Music Formats (.mp3, .wav, .wma, .aac, .ogg)
  • Emails (Outlook, Windows Mail)
  • Compressed Archives (.zip, .rar, .7zip)

Disk Drill Supports your Device

Disk Drill can help to recover deleted files on your computer’s internal hard drive, external hard drive, your USB drive and many other devices. Some common file storage devices Disk Drill can recover media from include:
  • Internal Hard Drives
  • External Hard Drives
  • USB Pen Drives
  • SD Cards
  • Devices in “Mass Storage” Mode (Android, etc)
  • Camera Memory Cards
  • 10+ Million
  • 500,000+
    in 150+ countries

Don't take our word for it!

  • Alex
    Powerful scanning and speedy recovery makes this recovery tool stand ahead from the rest of the competitive products.
  • «Disk Drill is a practical and intuitive utility that can successfully assist you in regaining access to lost or damaged files from a variety of disk or file system types, making it quite worthy for considering, should you be in the market for such a tool.» by Marina Dan
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