How to retrieve deleted text messages on Android

Many times it can be as simple as a single unfortunate tap of a finger and your important data like text messages are gone. There are many reasons you may be keeping text messages, possibly for work or even personal reasons and suddenly they are gone! The next few steps are all about which software you pick to help manage and retrieve deleted text messages on Android. If you chose wisely, like Disk Drill, you might even be able to recover deleted text messages on Android after a factory reset!
Recover deleted file on Mac OS X
It is not commonly known but Android does not actually erase data when it is deleted until the data has been overwritten. This means that data even once deleted by the user (you) can still be recovered and often quite easily with the correct software, such as Disk Drill. The biggest challenge is finding software which can retrieve deleted text messages on Android phones.

Disk Drill for Mac is capable of recovering files from both the internal memory and the SD card on rooted Android devices. In the near future Disk Drill for Windows will also have the capability to recover deleted text messages on Android.

#1 Prepare to recover deleted text messages on Android

The second your finger makes the unfortunate swipe or tap, Download Disk Drill and connect your Android device to the computer running Disk Drill. The less time you wait the better the chances to recover deleted SMS on Android. Your device is likely going to appear as an MTP device, you will need to Enable USB Debugging mode on your device and follow the on-screen instructions to proceed. Disk Drill is designed to be versatile, this means that Disk Drill can recover many types of files including (but not limited to) lost pictures, SMS messages, chats, Hangouts conversations and more!
  • 1Download Disk Drill
  • 2Install the app
  • 3Open Disk Drill for Mac

#2 Allow Disk Drill to Access your Android Device

Once your Android device is connected to your Mac (Windows support for Android recovery coming soon) you will need to give Disk Drill permission to connect to your device. Continue by viewing your Android screen and follow the on-screen prompts to allow Disk Drill to connect to your device. Allow Disk Drill to Access your Android Device

#3 Root for Success

You will now be able to see the available partitions and disk on your phone. Remember that your Android device should be rooted for the next steps to work.

Root for Success
If you have not performed a root on your device before you can find some great online tutorials by using your favorite search engine, just look for “Android +yourdevice root”. We also have a tutorial which talks about rooting with Kingo Root.

Protect your important files - recover for free!

Disk Drill is a great tool for recovering deleted SMS on Android and many other files on your Android devices, better yet Disk Drill is capable of recovering files from many types of systems. Rather it be your desktop computer, digital camera, memory card, phone or laptop, Disk Drill can help! Disk Drill’s powerful recovery engine supports NTFS, FAT32 and HFS+. Recovery Vault technology features an amazing built-in technology to keep records of deleted files and stores their metadata, this means file recovery can be done in minutes, sometimes even seconds!

#4 Recover Lost or Deleted Android SMS

It is now time to recover deleted text messages on your Android device. Depending on which app you use to manage your text messages (Hangouts, SMS, etc.) and the version of Android you are running (O, Nougat, Marshmallow, or other) the file type or method of storage of these messages may vary. Once the files are found you can analyze them with your own methods or move them back to the correct path on your device to view them directly on your Android device. Recover Lost or Deleted Android SMS

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. Deleted text messages are not physically removed from your Android device. This fact enables them to be recovered by connecting the device to a computer and using data recovery software. The software will treat the Android as a disk on which it can restore deleted files including text messages.

This answer depends on the carrier that you use. The text message detail is kept anywhere from 60 days to seven years based on your cellular provider. The actual contents of the messages are only kept by a few carriers, with the rest of them not retaining this information at all.

Yes. Images that are sent as attachments to text messages can also be recovered using data recovery software. Since an image takes up more storage space, there is a greater possibility that the space it had occupied has been overwritten, making it impossible to restore the photo.

Don’t leave it to chance, Disk Drill is the best to recover deleted text messages on Android

Disk Drill is outstanding at recovering deleted text messages on Android but why stop with just Android? Disk Drill is so powerful that it can recover text messages on Android, iPhone as well as hundreds of other file types from many different devices. Aside from just text messages Disk Drill can recover images, contacts, videos, music files and so much more. Learn more about the types of files Disk Drill can recover on many platforms such as Mac, Windows, iOS and Android:

How to recover deleted text messages on Android

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  • KLAUS, @TechPatio
    KLAUS, @TechPatio
    I tested it real quick and it easily managed to pull back my pictures on a SD memory card after deleting them, simply by doing a Quick Scan
  • It’s not a miracle worker, but if the file(s) or folders you need to recover are not backed up, or were deleted from a back up drive, then DiskDrill offers an excellent choice for potential recovery. The initial version of DiskDrill is a free version that will scan both internal drives and external drives of any type to see if it can recover files that have been removed. Paul Horowitz