Partition Recovery with Disk Drill

With Disk Drill for Windows, you can quickly and easily recover lost or accidentally deleted files from entire partitions, not just a handful of selected folders. Stop losing valuable data when the solution is so simple: install Disk Drill for Windows, the most comprehensive data recovery solution in existence.

Free version recovers up to 500MB

Disk Drill for Windows can recover data even from the emptied Recycle Bin. Unlike many other data recovery solutions on the market, our partition recovery software scans the underlying file structure and not just the superficial file hierarchy that you see when using Windows Explorer or other similar applications. Despite its advanced capabilities, Disk Drill is extremely simple to use. It features a modern user interface that you’ll love. We believe that complex things can be made simple, and we’ve done our best to put our philosophy to test when developing Disk Drill.

#1 Don’t make the data loss any worse

When you accidentally delete files or even format an entire partition, it’s not the end of the world. A reliable data recovery solution, such as Disk Drill, can help you recover all important data and even recover lost partition itself. That being said, you could make things much worse by not acting quickly enough. As far as your operating system is concerned, the space occupied by the deleted or lost files can be used by other applications. When it gets overwritten, even Disk Drill won’t be able to help you recover your files.

How much time do you have? That depends on the size of your storage device and your computer usage habits. Most users may have a day or two, but some may have just a few hours. Having Disk Drill ready on your computer at all times is the safest bet because it saves your from downloading the installer from the internet, potentially rewriting some important files in the process.
  • 1Download Disk Drill
  • 2Install it
  • 3Start Disk Drill for Windows

#2 Lost partition recovery

With Disk Drill for Windows installed on your computer, the next step is to select the partition you want to recover. Simply select it from the list of available partitions and storage devices. As soon as you click on the Recover button, Disk Drill will start the recovery process. Depending on how large your storage device is, this may take a minute or two. It’s best if you refrain from using your computer during the recovery as you could potentially overwrite the very same files that you’re trying to recover. How to recover Recycle Bin

#3 Free partition recovery software

For many computer users, the most agonizing aspect of any data loss is the steep price of professional data recovery service centers. It’s not unheard of for data recovery experts to charge thousands of dollars for something that Disk Drill could accomplish in a few minutes for free. But you don’t have to take our word for it — you can download Disk Drill for Windows right now and use it to recover up to 500MB of data. Recycle bin recovery
Disk Drill is an on-demand data recovery solution that you can depend on. Why pay for overpriced data recovery services or waste time trying to figure out how to use some poorly designed data recovery software when you can download the most polished data recovery product right away? Disk Drill is built for speed and reliability. It can recognize virtually all popular file formats and recover them from hard drives, memory cards, USB flash drives, and other storage devices.

Partition recovery software that you can depend on

Disk Drill for Windows is a comprehensive data recovery solution that encompasses all common, and not so common, data recovery scenarios. It comes with an extensive assortment of disk management tools that can not only help you recover your lost files but also protect them in the future. Backups take time and are easy to forget. The Recovery Vault feature tracks your important files and automatically monitors all changes made to them. If you accidentally delete a file monitored by the Recovery Vault, you can recover it by clicking on the Undelete Protected Data option in Disk Drill.

#4 Windows recovery partition – final steps

After Disk Drill finds all missing files, it presents them as a sorted list. Included among them will be various temporary system files of no value and deleted application data. It could take you hours to go through everything if it weren’t for Disk Drill’s filters. With them, you can view just documents, images, audio, or any other type of files you want. From there, you simply select which files you would like to get back and thank yourself for choosing Disk Drill for Windows.
Download Disk Drill for Windows to recover erased data from any Windows partition. It doesn’t matter whether you need to recover files from a system partition or an external hard drive that you use as a backup — Disk Drill has your back. Recycle bin recovery

Windows recovery partition with Deep Scan

Disk Drill for Windows puts you in the driver’s seat. You get to choose which files you want to recover and how. By default, Disk Drill uses a data recovery method that offers the perfect balance between recovery speed and scanning depth. There’s also a quick recovery option as well as a data recovery method called Deep Scan, which delivers the best results possible. We recommend this recovery method if you want to recover badly damaged files that the default recovery method couldn’t locate. Deep Scan takes longer than the default recovery method, but the results are well worth the wait.
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How Disk Drill serves other users

  • Rogério Araújo
    Disk Drill achieved its goal in an exemplary way. I only had problems with files over 20gb some of which came corrupted, which was expected, other files had 100% recovery. Another very positive point was the performance, very fast compared to others which I tested (they could not recover anything). What impressed me most about your application is that it did not simply recover the data, but as it also recovered with the same names and folders, this surprised me a lot.
  • Daniel C. — Have you erased photos or other valuable files unintentionally? Has your antivirus messed with a valid file treating a false positive? Can't locate a lost app or document, even with the enabled Windows System Restore? The answer is here: go for Disk Drill Windows Data Recovery (former Pandora Recovery).