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Macs and MacBooks are popular computing devices that individuals use to store important data such as files, folders, images, and videos. While Macs are resilient machines, they can suffer unexpected data loss for multiple reasons. It takes specialized recovery software to retrieve files from these Apple computers. The articles we present provide you with information such as the best data recovery and disk repair tools for Macs, recovering from a corrupted hard drive, and retrieving files from an emptied Trash bin.

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Top 10 Best Disk Repair Software for Mac

Each year, data storage provider Backblaze publishes hard drive reliability statistics, and the results are always the same: the...


Profile David Morelo David Morelo

How to Recover Data from a Corrupted SD Card on Mac

Have you recently attempted to access data stored on an SD card but failed to do so because...


Profile Stefan Ionescu Stefan Ionescu

10 Ways to Fix the External Hard Drive Is Not Mounting on a Mac

When you connect an external hard disk drive (HDD) to a Mac, it shows up on Disk Utility,...


Profile Manuviraj Godara Manuviraj Godara

How to Recover Data From a CF Card on Mac

CF cards can be up to 4 times faster than an SD card, and naturally, many photographers opt...


Profile Alejandro Santos Alejandro Santos

Top 7 Best Data Recovery Software for Mac

Looking for data recovery software to restore lost or deleted data on your Mac? We’ve put dozens of...