Recuva vs EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Last update
4.4.613 Released 8th Apr, 2022 Current version
Windows 7-11Requirements
Free data recovery of up to 500MBTrial version limit
$75 $89Starting Price
176,000 Found files






Found files and Recovery quality




EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
1.53.1087 Released 7th Jun, 2016 Current version15.1 Released 30th Mar, 2022
Windows XP-10, 11 (unofficial support) RequirementsWindows 7-11
Freeware. No limits Trial version limitRecover 2GB data
$0Free Starting Price$69.95Freemium
0 Found files






Found files and Recovery quality174,220 Found files






Normal UsabilityEasy


Recuva and EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard are popular among people who don’t want to spend any money to recover lost files because the former is completely free and the latter comes with a generous data recovery limit. The problem with free and freemium data recovery software is that it can seem too good to be true.

In this Recuva versus EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard comparison, we reveal which of the two data recovery software applications lives up to the promise of free data recovery better. As always, the comparison is based on our detailed reviews, which you can find on this website.

Top Pros

  • Completely free. Scan and restore unlimited files for free.

  • Chances of recovery. There are algorithms in the program that can give an estimate of the file's recovery.

  • Two operating modes. There are two operating modes - simple and advanced.

Top Pros

  • Scan results. Scan results are easy to navigate and grouped in a user-friendly file tree.

  • Scan speed. Scanning is very fast and doesn't make you wait a long time for results.

  • Free recovery. The software lets you recover up to 2 GB of data for free if you agree to mention the product on a social media network.

Top Cons

  • No Enterprise license. Recuva cannot be used commercially.

  • Scanning/creation of images. Scanning and creation of images is available only in the paid version.

  • Recovering structure and names. In general, scans that support restoring the folder trees and file names either do not work at all or have a large number of errors.

Top Cons

  • Pop-up ads. Pop-up ads for other products appear frequently, and they can't be turned off.

  • Inaccurate time estimations. When the software estimates how much time an operation will likely take, the displayed time is almost always wrong.

  • Limited preview capabilities. The formats supported for previews are very limited, and even popular photo formats are not always viewable.

Pricing • Business model

1Distributed as Free Freemium
2Trial version available
3Trial version limitations Freeware. No limits Recover 2GB data
4Number of devices per license
  • Professional - 1
  • Professional bundle - 1
  • Pro - 1
  • Pro+Bootable Media - 1
  • Technician - 100
5Starting price $0 $69.95
6License modelSubscription + LifetimeSubscription + Lifetime
7No credit card to try
8Money back guarantee
9See Plans & PricingPricing detailsPricing details

Unless you care about virtual hard drive support, you can completely ignore the paid version of Recuva and consider the free version to be the only one that matters. Why? Because it includes all other features and capabilities while being capable of recovering an unlimited amount of data.  

Ignoring paid versions of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows is much more difficult because the free version can recover only up to 2 GB of data. Those who decide to unlock unlimited recovery should avoid the available subscription plans because the lifetime license option is much more cost-efficient. 

Data Recovery Performance

A data recovery application can be affordable, easy to use, and, at the same time, packed with many extra features, but it can’t be considered good unless it can reliably recover lost data. 

Scan of File Systems

1FAT32 partitions
Partial support
Partial support
2exFAT partitions
Not supported
Partial support
3NTFS partitions
Not supported
Full support
4EXT4 partitions
Not supported
Not supported
5HFS+ partitions
Not supported
Full support
6APFS partitions
Not supported
Not supported
7BitLocker support
Partial support
Full support
8Windows shadow copies scanning
Full support
Not supported

In terms of data recovery performance, Recuva is nowhere near as capable as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows. As the table above illustrates, many commonly used file systems are not supported, and the software struggles even when presented with a supported file system. 

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows delivers far more consistent results than Recuva, but it’s not perfect either. In particular, we were disappointed by its FAT32 and exFAT scanning performance, and Linux users are guaranteed to hate that it’s impossible to restore the original file names and folder structure when recovering EXT3 and EXT4 drives. 

Feature Comparison

Extra features can’t make up for lackluster data recovery performance, but they can substantially increase the value of the software application. The same goes for customer support quality, usability, and so on. 

Features Table

47% Average score 84% Average score
1Update frequency
2Updated recently
3Changelog available
4Latest Windows release supported
5Genuine or clone?
6Brand name popularity
7Online market share
9Extensive knowledge base
10Helpdesk support
11Live chat
12Phone support
61% Average score 74% Average score
1Modern user-friendly interface
2Dark mode
3Easy-to-locate features
4Automatic implementation of multiple appropriate scanning methods without user interaction
5Auto-resuming scans of failing drives
6Auto-resuming backups of failing drives
7Convenient source selection on start
8Convenient file-by-file preview of recoverable items
9Convenient thumbnail preview of recoverable items
10Mount recoverable items as disk
11Built-in updater
12Multiple view modes in scan results
13Hex view for recoverable items
14Filter recoverable items by type
15Search recoverable items by file names
16Sort results
17Multilingual UI
18Simple deployment
Device support
54% Average score 77% Average score
1Internal and external HDD
2Internal and external SSD
3USB thumb drives / Classic iPods (non-iOS) / FireWire devices
4Memory cards
5iOS devices
6Android devices
7Recovery from RAID1, 0, JBOD
8Unmountable partitions
Recovery performance
31% Average score 62% Average score
1Clever in-depth scan
2Quick scan
3Other types of scan
4Device support
5Real-life recovery challenge
6Other notable recovery features
Real-life recovery challenge
31% Average score 69% Average score
1Raw photo recovery
2Video formats recovery
3Document formats recovery
Other notable recovery features
29% Average score 29% Average score
1Overall non-intrusive read-only algorithms
2Network recovery
3Effectively filters out corrupted scan results
4Byte-to-byte device backups
5Bootable recovery drive creation
6Convenient scan session management
7Bad sector management
8Recovery chance prediction
9RAID reconstructor
10Disk vitals monitoring and tracking during scan
11Data protection
12Links to in-lab recovery service for physically damaged devices
13Scan speed
14Scan free space only
15Start file recovery without interrupting the scan
16Preview recoverable items without interrupting the scan
17Forensic features
20% Average score 7% Average score
1Disk space mapping
2Disk clean up
3Corrupted video repair tool
4Corrupted photo repair tool
6Duplicate finder
7Built-in disk space secure eraser
8Disk cloning
9Disk surface test
10Secure data shredding

Again, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows beats Recuva, cementing its position as the better of the two data recovery software applications. Recuva deserves some credit for including a free secure data shredding tool, but the value of this tool is fairly small considering that there are countless other free software applications that provide the same functionality. 

Both Recuva and EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard are not suitable for more complicated data recovery jobs because they can’t recover data from damaged RAID arrays and storage devices with bad sectors. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can at least create a bootable recovery drive to restore data from computers that refuse to boot properly, but Recuva can’t do even that. 

Considering that Recuva hasn’t been receiving regular updates for a while, it’s hardly a surprise that it doesn’t support modern RAW photo and video file formats well. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac does a lot better in this regard, but don’t expect perfection. 

Wrapping Up

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows may not be perfect, but it’s certainly much better than Recuva. Yes, it can recover only up to 2 GB of data for free, whereas Recuva is completely unlimited. But unlimited recovery is hardly a real advantage when the software struggles to recover even the most commonly used file formats. 

When recovering more than 2 GB of data, it’s not a bad idea to start with Recuva before buying an EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard license. Just make sure to create a complete backup of your storage device first because Recuva doesn’t use non-intrusive read-only algorithms. 

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows

Its generous free data recovery limit and solid performance make this application easy to recommend. 

Visit developer's website

Why choose EaseUS

Read full Recuva review
Generous data recovery limit
Above-average recovery performance
Fast scanning speed
Intuitive user interface
Responsive customer support
Extensive knowledge base
Completely free and unlimited
Advanced mode for power users
Available in many languages
Comes with a secure file shredder

More software comparisons

Both Recuva and EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows have their merits, but they also have serious shortcomings. Fortunately, there are many other data recovery software applications that you can use to recover lost data. 

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