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Your computer typically stores a wide variety of files and documents. In a data loss scenario, you can lose all kinds of files in different file formats. In some cases, these files can be recovered using multiple methods that include operating system and application functionality or data recovery software. We provide articles that take an in-depth look at recovering various file formats including PDF files, Word documents, and files deleted from Dropbox.

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Profile Joshua Solomon Joshua Solomon

How to Recover Deleted Files With the Folder Structure

Folder structures are at the helm of file organization. This is especially true if you have stored files...


Profile David Morelo David Morelo

Files Disappeared from Desktop: How to Troubleshoot the Issue and Recover Data

Have you recently set to work on an important business project or perhaps edit those holiday pictures that...


Profile Jordan Jamieson-Mane Jordan Jamieson-Mane

How to Recover Deleted or Lost Excel Files

Excel is a powerful spreadsheet program that’s widely used in both professional and personal settings. If you accidentally...


Profile Odysseas Kourafalos Odysseas Kourafalos

How to Recover Files Lost During Cut and Paste

You never expected you'd have to recover after a mere cut and paste files you considered a given....


Profile David Morelo David Morelo

Top 5 Ways to Recover Deleted Files from Dropbox

With its 600 million users, Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage services in the world. Individual...