Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac Review – A Clone in Disguise


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No. 3 Among all macOS solutions

Price range $59.95...$149.95 • Cisdem • macOS

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Losing your precious data can be a distressing experience, but finding the right recovery tool can make all the difference. In this in-depth review, we’re putting Cisdem Data Recovery through the wringer, examining both its strengths and weaknesses. So, before you take the plunge and trust this software with your valuable files, we recommend you take the time to learn if its shiny facade reflects its data recovery performance. 

💡 Important: During our testing, it became apparent that Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac is a clone of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Despite this fact, we decided to test and review Cisdem Data Recovery to determine if it holds its own as a separate entity.
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Main Pros and Cons of Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac


  • Detailed scan results. Scan results are meticulously categorized, providing users with a highly informative overview. In most cases, the folder structure and file names are displayed.
  • Great scanning speed. The scanning speed of Cisdem Data Recovery is impressively fast and can yield excellent results under certain circumstances.
  • Labeling results. For signature scan results, the app creates a "Tags" category and organizes files based on their metadata. For example, if it finds photos taken with a Samsung M21 phone, it will place all related images in a folder with the same name.
  • Recovery during scanning. Users can initiate the recovery process even while scanning is ongoing, and do so without interrupting the scan.
  • Knowledge base. The app's website features a comprehensive knowledge base covering a wide range of data loss scenarios. This assists users in finding a problem similar to their own, along with a potential solution.
  • Apple silicon native compatibility. Cisdem Data Recovery is fully compatible with Apple silicon Macs and does not require Rosetta, resulting in a lighter load on the processor.
  • Cloud recovery. Recovered data can be saved directly to the cloud instead of a local drive.
  • Product updates. Cisdem Data Recovery receives regular updates (at least once every 5 months) that continuously enhance the interface and overall user experience.


  • Clone of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. The program is a clone of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, sharing the same source code.
  • Inaccurate timing estimates. The app often fails to calculate the estimated recovery time accurately, making it difficult to predict when the scan will be completed.
  • Limited preview capabilities. Many modern and popular file formats are not supported for preview.
  • No S.M.A.R.T. support. Cisdem Data Recovery cannot read S.M.A.R.T. disk information.
  • EXT3, EXT4 recovery issues. Despite claims on the app's website, EXT file systems are not fully supported. After scanning an EXT system, the original file structure is lost and not restored.
  • Resuming interrupted scans. If a device is disconnected and then reconnected during a scan, the application will not resume the scan automatically, requiring the user to do so manually.
  • No file recovery estimates. The application does not provide recovery chance estimates for files found during scans, meaning it doesn't check the files for integrity.
  • Scanning bad sectors. The app struggles to work with disks containing bad sectors - it doesn't save their locations and doesn't allow users to manually skip them.
  • Lacks additional free features. Cisdem Data Recovery lacks additional useful features often available for free in competitor apps, such as disk clean up, data shredder, free space eraser, and data extraction from Time Machine backups.
  • App traces. Even after users quit the app and the process is no longer active, the virtual easeus_preview drive remains visible in Disk Utility and must be ejected manually.
  • Post-processing delays. After completing a deep scan, Cisdem Data Recovery displays a message with a progress bar, stating that found files are being organized. This process can take a long time depending on disk size, and the app's interface is completely disabled during this time.
  • Searching for lost partitions. Although Cisdem's official website claims that searching for lost partitions is available, there is no dedicated option for that. During rigorous testing, it wasn't able to find any lost partitions on test drives and disk images, only displaying all found folders in the same search results category without restoring the original partition structure.
  • Misleading preview tactics. The app's misleading pop-up messages may trick users into believing that if a file can't be previewed in the free version, it can still be recovered with a paid version. The truth is, preview for a specific file type might not be supported, and while you might get lucky after purchasing the software, in most cases, files that cannot be previewed cannot be recovered either.

Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac Summary

👌 Not our first choice

Despite its positive qualities, such as its excellent ease of use, compatibility with the latest Apple silicon Macs, and the ability to save recovered data directly in the cloud, Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac would never be our first choice for one simple reason: it’s a clone of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac, another software we’ve tested.

As a clone, Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac is destined to always be in the shadow of its source software, not offering any unique advantages that would make it a more compelling choice. However, if we imagine a world where EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is no longer available, Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac would rise as a viable (and slightly less expensive) alternative. 

In such a scenario, we would recommend it to Mac users who value usability more than anything else, but we would warn them about its limitations, such as the lack of S.M.A.R.T. support, the disappointing handling of EXT file systems, inaccurate recovery estimates, or limited preview capabilities. 

Compatibility Good
Recovery Rate Good
Usability Excellent
File Type Support Good
Scan Speed Excellent
Free Trial Yes
Starting Price $59.95 / 1 month
Money-Back Guarantee Yes

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What Is Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac?


Cisdem Data Recovery is a mac data recovery software application that promises to recover lost files in just three steps from various storage devices, including hard drives, memory cards, USB drives, etc.

In this overview section, we’ll be delving into some key facts about Cisdem Data Recovery, including its compatibility, version details, and pricing, to help you decide whether it’s the right tool for your data recovery needs.

Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac Factsheet

RequirementsmacOS 10.9-14.0
Latest version 16.0 • Released 8th Mar, 2024
Download size49.5 MB
CategoryData Recovery Software
UI languagesEnglish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese(Traditional), Chinese(Simplified), Dutch, Korean

Sibling version

Cisdem Data Recovery for Windows


Cisdem Data Recovery is a good choice of data recovery software for many data loss situations, including NAS recovery over the network. It has a refined user interface that’s easy to navigate by any user. Good looks aren’t all it has to show for too. The software utilizes various scanning modes that demonstrate a great ability to recover lost or deleted files, particularly by file signature. Read full review

No. 5 Among all Windows solutions

Cisdem Data Recovery Logo

How Much Does Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac Cost?

Distributed as Freemium Some features are provided free of charge, but money is required to unlock the rest
Trial version availableTrial version available
Trial version limitations

Free preview before recovery

Paid plans Paid plans
Price range $59.95...$149.95
License model Subscription + Lifetime
No credit card to tryNo credit card to try
Money back guaranteeMoney back guarantee

Cisdem Data Recovery embraces a freemium pricing model, allowing users to test the software before making a purchase. Specifically, the trial version can preview all recoverable files, giving users the opportunity to assess the software’s capabilities without spending any money. 

As far as paid plans go, Cisdem Data Recovery offers a range of options to suit different needs and budgets. Prices range from $69.95 to $149.95, and both subscription-based and lifetime licenses are available. This flexibility makes it fairly easy to find a suitable plan regardless of whether you require long-term data recovery solutions or a one-time fix. Additionally, the software comes with a money-back guarantee, providing peace of mind and confidence in your purchase.

Interestingly, Cisdem is less expensive than the application it’s based on (EaseUS starts at $89.95). This is perhaps the company’s way to make up for their inability to provide other reasons to go with their solution over the original. However, the pricing advantage disappears if you’re interested in the lifetime plan and compare its cost ($149.95) to the cost of the current leading data recovery software for Mac, Disk Drill, which is $118.00.

All Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac Options

1Monthly Plan $59.95
2Annual Plan $99.95
3Lifetime Plan $149.95
  • Recover unlimited data.
  • 24H/5 one to one expert support.

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Developer — Cisdem Inc

Now, let’s take a moment to discuss the developer behind Cisdem Data Recovery, Cisdem Inc.

1% 10.6% than avg

Online market share

Reflects the share of online traffic within the niche occupied by data recovery software, based on data taken from (from Google US search engine).

60 86% than avg

Brand name popularity

Based on the number of brand-related search queries on Google US according to

As you can see, Cisdem Inc. isn’t the most popular data recovery software company based on the number of brand-related search queries and its online market share. Of course, this doesn’t tell you anything about the quality of its products, but it’s still something that’s good to know. Why? Because there’s usually a good reason for a data recovery software company to be popular or unpopular. 

Developer website
Support email

2014 • 10 years on the market

Social media YouTube

Cisdem Inc. has been around for almost a decade now. The company has established some social media presence but nothing exceptional. For example, its YouTube channel has only over 1,600 subscribers despite containing over 140 videos. 

How to Use Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac

Tested on: macOS 13.3 (22E252)

I’m sure you can’t wait to see how Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac performs in action, and that’s exactly what this section is all about. 

Step 1


The installation of Cisdem Data Recovery is straightforward:

  1. Download the free version from the official website.
  2. Open the downloaded .dmg file.
  3. Copy the application file to your Applications folder. 

From there, you can launch the data recovery software using Spotlight or any other method. The application is approximately 50 MB large, so you should be able to install it without any issues even if your system drive is nearly full. Of course, you must never install it on your system drive if that's the device you want to recover. 

Step 2

Source selection

Cisdem Data Recovery is user-friendly, making it easy to select a storage device and start a scan. There's a dedicated tab where memory cards are located, so don't forget to check it when recovering SD cards or MMC cards. Unfortunately, there's no dedicated option for searching lost partitions. That's probably to keep things as simple as possible. 

With a source selected, all you need to do to start a scan is click the Search for lost files button. The application will ask you to give it Full Disk Access, which is perfectly normal and necessary for the software to perform its data recovery functions. 

Step 3

Scanning process

Cisdem Data Recovery can achieve impressive scanning speed, allowing users to recover lost data without waiting. Furthermore, the app provides the convenient option to see scan results during scanning—another useful time-saving feature.

One significant issue is that Cisdem Data Recovery provides inaccurate estimates of how long a scan will take, which can make it difficult for users to plan their time effectively. Additionally, if a device is disconnected and reconnected during a scan, the application will not automatically resume the scan. This inconvenience requires users to manually restart the scanning process, and that may not be immediately obvious. 

Step 4

Managing found files

We're pleased with how Cisdem Data Recovery categorizes scan results, with handy file format filters being readily available. In most cases, the folder structure and file names are displayed, allowing for easier navigation and file identification.

On the other hand, we don't like how limited the preview capabilities of Cisdem Data Recovery are. Many modern and popular file formats are not supported for preview, and this can make it difficult for users to verify if the software has found the correct files (and if the files are recoverable). 

Step 5

Recovery and post-processing

Once you have your lost files selected, you can finish their recovery with a few simple clicks. Unlike most other data recovery applications, Cisdem Data Recovery lets you conveniently save recovered data directly to the cloud. This feature not only simplifies the recovery process by removing the need to provide an additional storage device, but it also offers an additional layer of data security by allowing users to store their files off-site.

Is Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac safe?


Avg score Use with caution

Safe and Trustworthy
👾 Malware

You can download Cisdem Data Recovery from its official website, and rest assured knowing it doesn't contain any malware.

🔒 Privacy

The software collects more data during the recovery process than necessary for it to fulfill its purpose. 

📊 Data Integrity

Not only doesn't Cisdem Data Recovery implement non-intrusive read-only algorithms, but the software also doesn't work well with disks containing bad sectors, so we wouldn't trust it much with a compromised storage device.

👨‍💻 Developer

Cisdem is based in the United States, but the company appears to simply rebrand and resell software developed by other companies, rather than creating its own unique solutions.


Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac is safe in the sense that it does not contain malware or any known security threats. As such, users can download, install, and use the software without worrying about compromising their system's security. However, the fact that Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac is a clone of another software and the company's practice of rebranding and reselling software developed by others raises concerns about its trustworthiness compared to leading data recovery solutions.

Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac - Full Review and Analysis

As we delve into the core review of Cisdem Data Recovery, we’ll be exploring various aspects, including its reputation, usability, performance, and extra features. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the software’s capabilities, strengths, and limitations.



13 rating criteria

With a Karma score of 52%, Cistem Data Recovery has a mixed reputation in the data recovery market. On the bright side, the software receives updates every six months and supports the latest macOS, including native compatibility with M1-M3 Macs.

However, the application itself is a clone of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and not a genuine product developed from scratch. It’s likely that Cistem partnered with EaseUS and purchased a white label version of their popular data recovery application. 

What that means in practice is that Cisdem has very little influence over the development of the data recovery software the company sells. When a bug is discovered, Cisdem most likely has to wait for EaseUS to fix it, and that’s just one of many potential issues associated with the white label business model. 

1Update frequency Every 6 months
2Updated recently Yes
3Changelog available Available (View full update history)
4Latest macOS supported Yes, all good
5Runs natively on M1/M2/M3 Macs Supports
6Genuine or clone? Clone
7Brand name popularity Unpopular
8Online market share Poor
9Maturity Mature
10Extensive knowledge base Available
11Helpdesk support Available
12Live chat Not available
13Phone support No

Bang for the buck

8 rating criteria

Cisdem Data Recovery offers a competitive pricing structure with a price-quality ratio that makes it an attractive option for users seeking a reliable data recovery solution. With a freemium pricing policy, the software provides a free trial to test its capabilities before committing to a purchase. If you intend to use the software long-term, then we recommend you stay away from the subscription plans and, instead, get a lifetime license. 

1Competitive pricing Yes
2Price-quality ratio Yes
3Free trial Yes
4Is it free? No
5Pricing policy Freemium
6Unlimited recovery in full version Yes
7Free upgrades Only with a lifetime license
8Commercial rights in the cheapest license No


18 rating criteria

Just like the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, on which it’s based, Cisdem Data Recovery has a modern user interface that makes it easy to initiate the recovery process, filter out and sort recoverable files, preview them before recovery, and more.

However, there are some usability drawbacks to consider. For example, Cisdem Data Recovery lacks a dark mode and requires user interaction to automatically resume scans or backups of failing drives.. There’s also no option to mount recoverable items as a disk or view files in hex format.

Despite the few shortcomings, Cisdem Data Recovery is easily one of the most pleasant-to-use data recovery applications, and that’s great news for inexperienced Mac users who are looking for something intuitive yet effective. 

1Modern user-friendly interface Yes
2Dark mode No
3Easy-to-locate features Yes
4Automatic implementation of multiple appropriate scanning methods without user interaction Yes
5Auto-resuming scans of failing drives Partial
6Auto-resuming backups of failing drives Partial
7Convenient source selection on start Yes
8Convenient file-by-file preview of recoverable items Yes
9Convenient thumbnail preview of recoverable items Yes
10Mount recoverable items as disk No
11Built-in updater Yes
12Multiple view modes in scan results A few
13Hex view for recoverable items No
14Filter recoverable items by type Yes
15Search recoverable items by file names Yes
16Sort results Yes
17Multilingual UI Yes
18Simple deployment Yes

Recovery performance

128 rating criteria

Cisdem Data Recovery demonstrates a solid recovery performance in certain areas, but it also has its limitations. If you just want to scan APFS partitions and recover commonly used file formats, then you should be able to achieve decent results. 

More complicated data loss situations often don’t yield any results because there’s only so much the software can do with its 200+ supported file formats and limited advanced recovery features. 

1Quick scan FineThe software reliably recovers recently deleted files from HFS+, APFS, exFAT, and NTFS file systems but lacks support for EXT4 partitions and has limited support for FAT32 partitions.
2Deep scan FineThe application is unable to recover lost file system information from EXT4 partitions, but it can handle all other file systems with varying degrees of success.
3Signature scan GoodWhen looking for file signatures, the performance of Cisdem Data Recovery is above-average, but the software lacks support for some popular photo, video, and document file formats.
4Additional scan features FineCisdem Data Recovery showcases mixed capabilities for solving complicated data loss situations using advanced scan features.
5Device support GoodThe software can scan all internal and external storage devices except for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.
6Other notable recovery features FineSome extra recovery features are supported by Cisdem Data Recovery, but the number of omissions is much higher.

Scan results

Summary of our scan results

This table presents a quick summary of the scan results we gathered when testing the data recovery software

#FeatureQuick ScanRecovery of recently deleted filesDeep ScanThe ability to restore data upon file system reformatting or loss
1HFS+ partitions52
2APFS partitions44
3FAT32 partitions23
4exFAT partitions44
5NTFS partitions44
6EXT4 partitions00

Quick Scan is designed to find recently deleted files on a device. This score reflects the overall software's effectiveness of recovering permanently deleted files across various file systems

Average Score


Deep Scan is primarily designed to recover data from formatted devices, and lost partitions. This score reflects the overall software's effectiveness of recovering data from various file systems after reformatting

Average Score

#SignatureDescriptionScan Score

Hasselblad 3F RAW Image File


Sony Alpha RAW File


Bitmap Image File


Canon RAW Version 2 File


Canon RAW Version 3 File


Canon RAW CIFF Image File


Kodak Digital Camera RAW File


Digital Negative Lossless RAW Image File


Adobe Industry-wide Standard File Format for Digital Video Files


Epson RAW File


High Dynamic-range File Format


Hasselblad RAW Image File


GoPro RAW Format File


High Efficiency Image File Format


Intelligent Image Quality RAW File


Panoramic Image Insta360 File


Bitmap Image Format JPEG 2000 File


Joint Photographic Experts Group Compressed Image File


Kodak Digital Camera RAW Image File


Mamiya RAW Image File


Leaf and Mamiya RAW Image File


Multi Picture Stereoscopic Object File


Konica Minolta RAW Image Format File


Nikon RAW Image File


Nikon RAW Image File


Olympus RAW Format File


Pentax RAW Image File


Fujifilm RAW Image File


Native Digital Camera File


Panasonic Lumix RAW Image File


Leica RAW Image Format File


Sony RAW 2 Image File


Sony RAW File


Samsung RAW Image File


Tag Image File Format


Sigma Camera RAW Picture File


Sigma Super Fine Detail Picture File


Most modern digital cameras and an increasing number of mobile devices allow their users to capture raw image data in a variety of raw file formats. This score reflects the software's ability to recover photos in these formats using their unique signatures

Average Score

#SignatureDescriptionScan Score

GoPRO 360 Degree Video File


ARRI Professional Digital Video Camera File


ARRI Professional Digital Video Camera File


Audio Video Interleave Multimedia Container with GoPRO CineForm Intermediate Codec


Audio Video Interleave Multimedia Container with MJPG, H.264, MSMPEG4 v2 Codecs


Blackmagic RAW Video File


Insta360 Panoramic H.264 Video File


Insta360 Panoramic HEVC or HVC1 Video File


QuickTime File Format with Apple ProRes 422 Proxy, LT or HQ Codec


QuickTime File Format with Apple ProRes 4444 Raw or HQ Codec


QuickTime File Format with H.264 Codec


QuickTime File Format with CineForm HD Codec


QuickTime File Format with HEVC or HVC1 Codec


Digital Multimedia Container Format with H.264 Codec


Digital Multimedia Container Format with HEVC, HVC1 or Apple ProRes Codec


Material Exchange Format for Professional Digital Video and Audio Media with H.264 Codec


Material Exchange Format for Professional Digital Video and Audio Media with DVCPRO HD Codec


Material Exchange Format for Professional Digital Video and Audio Media with ARRI RAW or Apple ProRes Codec


Material Exchange Format for Professional Digital Video and Audio Media with XDCAM HD422 or HD35 MPEG2 Codec


Red Digital Camera Company RAW Video File


Windows Media Video Image with Pro RAW 9 Codec


Video file formats have undergone significant evolution during the past decade. This rating assesses the software's effectiveness in recovering various video files using its signature scanner

Average Score

#SignatureDescriptionScan Score

Microsoft Access 2007+ Database File


Scanned Document File Format Intended For Scanned Images


Microsoft Word 97 – 2003 Document File


Microsoft Word 2007+ Document File


FictionBook 2.0 eBook File


Apple Keynote Office Application File


Microsoft Access 97 - 2003 Database File


Apple Numbers Office Application File


OpenDocument Presentation File Format


OpenDocument Spreadsheet File Format


OpenDocument Text Document File Format


Apple Pages Office Application File


Portable Document Format File


Microsoft Powerpoint 97 - 2003 Presentation File


Microsoft Powerpoint 2007+ Presentation File


Rich Text Format File


Microsoft Excel 97 - 2003 Spreadsheet File


Microsoft Excel 2007+ Spreadsheet File


Documents are among the most commonly recovered file formats because their importance can be tremendous, especially when they're related to work or school. This score indicates the software's proficiency in recovering different document types based on their signatures

Average Score


Feeling puzzled by terms like "Quick scan" and "Deep scan"? This link explains the different scan modes and their specific purposes.

After analyzing the test results for Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac, we were surprised to find that the software earned more points for its signature scanning capabilities than for its ability to recover data based on available (quick scan) or recovered (deep scan) file system information.

This discrepancy can be partially attributed to the fact that Cisdem Data Recovery doesn’t support the EXT4 file system at all, and its support for FAT32 partitions is only decent at best. Although APFS, FAT32, and NTFS partitions are supported well, we have tested other applications that offer even better support for these file systems.

When it comes to signature scan results, Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac shines the most in its support for image file formats, including RAW formats like CR2, NEF, and RAF. The software’s support for video file signatures is slightly lower, with a score of 62% compared to 72% for image files. However, QuickTime file formats, which are commonly used by macOS users in applications like Final Cut Pro, are very well supported. Lastly, the software’s support for document file formats is above-average, although it does not recognize some ebook file formats at all.

Additional scan features

Other notable scanning features and their performance These advanced scanning features expand the software's capabilities, adding flexibility to scanning process and allowing it to recover data from a wider range of data loss scenarios
Average Score
1The number of file types supported by signature scan3
2Native deep scan of system drives on M1/M2/M3-powered Macs5
3Native deep scan of system drives on T2-encrypted Macs5
4Native data recovery from local Time Machine snapshots0
5Scan for lost partitions0
6HFS+ directory rebuild0
7Recovered files' labeling5
8Partial file recovery5
9Disk images: scan and recovery5

Cisdem Data Recovery showcases a mixed bag of capabilities when it comes to solving complicated data loss situations using advanced scan features. What’s great is that the software can perform native deep scans of system drives on Apple silicon Macs and T2-encrypted Macs. Furthermore, its file labeling and partial file recovery features are top-notch, making it easier for users to locate and retrieve essential data. The ability to scan and recover from disk images is another strongpoint that’s worth pointing out.

On the flip side, Cisdem Data Recovery falls short in several key areas. With only an average number of formats supported by deep scan (signature scan is a part of deep scan), the software may not cater to users with diverse file format needs. Moreover, it lacks native data recovery from local Time Machine snapshots, scan for lost partitions, and HFS+ directory rebuild capabilities, which can be critical for many users facing complex data loss scenarios.

Device Support

Supported internal and external storage devices Ideally, data recovery software applications should be able to recover from internal and external hard drives, external USB flash drives, memory cards, smartphones, and other commonly used storage devices
Average Score
1Internal and external HDD5
2Internal and external SSD5
3USB thumb drives / Classic iPods (non-iOS) / FireWire devices5
4Memory cards5
5iOS devices0
6iOS backups0
8Android devices0
9Recovery from RAID arrays3
10Encrypted device support5
11Unmountable partitions5
12NAS (Network-attached storage) RAID devices0
13Remote SSH (secure shell protocol) Linux based devices recovery0

Cisdem Data Recovery does have its limitations when it comes to supporting mobile devices (both Android and iOS), as well as their local and cloud backup locations. Additionally, its recovery capabilities for RAID1, 0, and JBOD systems are only average, potentially limiting its usefulness for those with more complex storage configurations. The good news is that all other storage devices, including encrypted ones, are supported flawlessly, including internal and external HDDs and SSDs, USB thumb drives, FireWire devices, and memory cards.

Other notable recovery features

Additional recovery features and their performance These additional recovery features are what often separates average data recovery software solutions from those that can satisfy the needs of professionals and power users
Average Score
1Overall non-intrusive read-only algorithms0
2Network recovery0
3Effectively filters out corrupted scan results0
4Byte-to-byte device backups5
5Bootable recovery drive creation0
6Runs in macOS native recovery mode5
7Convenient scan session management5
8Bad sector management0
9Recovery chance prediction0
10RAID reconstructor0
11Disk vitals monitoring and tracking during scan3
12Data protection0
13Links to in-lab recovery service for physically damaged devices0
14Scan speed4
15Scan free space only0
16Start file recovery without interrupting the scan5
17Preview recoverable items without interrupting the scan5
18Forensic features0

Cisdem Data Recovery stands out with its byte-to-byte device backups and bootable recovery drive creation, which can be incredibly useful for users seeking to protect their data in case of hardware failure. Additionally, the data recovery application offers convenient scan session management, great scanning speed, and the ability to preview recoverable items without interrupting the scan.

When compared to its competitors, Cisdem lacks support for several important features, including network recovery, bad sector management, recovery chance predictions, RAID reconstruction, and others. We also don’t like that the software doesn’t use non-intrusive recovery algorithms, so there’s a risk of further data loss during the recovery process. 



12 rating criteria

As we’ve already explained, Cisdem Data Recovery is a clone of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, and it offers identical usability and data recovery performance. The one area where it could easily distinguish itself are extra features. Unfortunately, it does the opposite.

1Disk space mapping NoNot supported
2Disk clean up NoNot supported
3Corrupted video repair tool YesThe application can repair corrupted video files
4Corrupted photo repair tool NoNot supported
5Time Machine backups parser NoNot supported
6S.M.A.R.T. NoNot supported
7Bootable macOS installer NoNot supported
8Duplicate finder NoNot supported
9Built-in disk space secure eraser NoNot supported
10Disk cloning NoNot supported
11Disk surface test NoNot supported
12Secure data shredding NoNot supported

As you can see, the only extra feature supported by Cisdem Data Recovery is corrupted video repair. This feature allows the application can make corrupted video files playable (with artifacts and other defects), so it can come in handy when recovering lost video files from a storage device whose lifespan has long been exceeded. 

For some reason, Cisdem Data Recovery can’t read S.M.A.R.T. data even though the application which it copies can. Maybe EaseUS wants to keep this feature exclusive to their own software.

What Users Say about Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac

I tried the Basic Recovery mode, but just got part of my files back. Then I repeated the scanning with its Advanced Recovery, it took longer time but got me better results. Anyway, it helped me on recovering files.

Rosa Reyesa (

I bought the Data Recovery and I was tempted to activate it because I found several files...

But after retrieving them, all can't be open... I just realize that those files where actually fake and was generated by their application to lure from buying a license...

They dupe you into thinking that they have recovered the files but all are fake and was pre-added in their software... Don't buy this!

Abel M (

Handy recovery tool, whose accessible demeanor keeps simplicity as the main theme, offering straightforward handling.

Overall, Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac is designed with an intuitive user interface so it is easy for first-time users, even for those who do not have much computer knowledge. With only 3 operations, users can perform their lost data recovery. Simply download, open the software and choose one of the 4 specialized recovery features including File Recovery, Photo Recovery, Office Documents Recovery, and Delete Recovery.

Video Resources for Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac: Tutorials and Helpful Guides

Check out the following Cisdem Data Recovery tutorials to better understand how the software works in practice. 

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files from iCloud (iPhone Incl.)

This video delivers a complete tutorial about how to recover permanently deleted files from iCloud, involving both computer and iOS device like iPhone/iPad.

How to Recover Deleted/Corrupted RAR Files Handily

Your RAR files get deleted or damaged unexpectedly? Watch this video to check the guide on how to recover or repair them.

Bottom line

Cisdem Data Recovery is a user-friendly data recovery solution that shares source code with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. As a clone, it doesn’t really stand out in any way when compared with the application on which it’s based.

When evaluated as a stand-alone product, Cisdem Data Recovery offers a decent set of features that can cater to the needs of many users, such as fast scanning speeds, detailed scan results, and cloud recovery options. However, its limitations, such as the lack of support for certain file systems, might be a deal-breaker for some.

All in all, we recommend Cisdem Data Recovery only to those who consider EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to be too expensive despite otherwise liking its streamlined approach to recovery. Everyone else is better off using the original software or going with some better-rated alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Cisdem Data Recovery.

Yes, Cisdem is a legitimate software company that has been in operation since 2014. Its tools have been used by individual and business users across more than 100 countries.

Cisdem Data Recovery is a freemium data recovery application that allows you to preview recoverable files without paying. However, a paid license is needed to recover them.

With the free trial version of Cisdem Data Recovery, you can preview an unlimited number of files to verify their recoverability.

To obtain a license key for Cisdem Data Recovery, you need to visit the Cisdem store.

No, a duplicate finder feature isn’t included in Cisdem Data Recovery.

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Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac Review – A Clone in Disguise

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No. 3 Among all macOS solutions

Decent data recovery software that doesn’t do anything significantly better than the application on which it’s based.

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