iBoysoft Data Recovery Review: Not Much to Offer


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No. 17 Among all Windows solutions

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iBoysoft Data Recovery promises a high recovery rate from a range of devices, with support for over 1000 file formats. But, how much of what it claims is true? Find out in this extensive review of iBoysoft Data Recovery.

iBoysoft Data Recovery – Gallery

Top Pros

  • Small application size. The application does not take up much space on your hard drive.
  • Selectable file types for scanning. Before scanning, you can select the file types you want to be scanned by the signature scanner.
  • Doesn't use many PC resources. The program doesn't need a powerful computer to scan and doesn't consume much RAM.
  • It works even on Windows XP. Compatible with most Windows versions: from XP to 11.
  • Can save scan sessions. Can create and save scanned device sessions.
  • Separate lost partition scanner. The program can scan your drive for lost partitions.
  • Good results with FAT32/exFAT/NTFS scanners. The program supports the scanning of Windows file systems for deleted or formatted data.

Top Cons

  • Very outdated interface. The interface is very outdated and not easy to use.
  • Can't make copies of disks. No function to create byte-by-byte copies of disks.
  • No support for high DPI. Can't work on monitors with high resolution. As a consequence, the interface is blurry and not clear.
  • Does not update the list of disks. If you connect a new device when the program is running, you have to restart it to see the device.
  • Not all file types are selected by default. The user must go to the options and select all file types before scanning since by default only a small part is selected.
  • Limited Preview. The preview options are very limited. In most cases, it supports up to 5 formats that can be previewed.
  • No alert to issues. The application does not alert you to any problems it encounters, such as bad sectors or crashes.
  • No additional features. The program does not include any additional features that come with modern tools for searching for deleted data.
  • Pay extra for BitLocker recovery. The program can recover BitLocker partitions, but to do so you need to pay for a separate license.
  • No SMART module. The program cannot monitor the SMART attributes of devices.
  • No easy way to view files during scanning. While scanning, you cannot see the found files, either in the file tree or in previews. Also, there is no way to restore files during scanning.
  • Inconvenient search for lost partitions. Searching for lost partitions is not part of the general drive scan. You need to use this method separately and scan the disk, then if the lost partitions are found you need to manually continue scanning by navigating through the lost partitions and selecting the scan method.
  • Poor usability. It is not possible to expand the application to full screen by double-clicking on the window title, nor can you change the window size.
  • Tree view only. It’s not possible to view the scan results in a tree view.
  • Settings are not saved. Scan results can only be viewed in tree view.
  • No filtering of the found files. It’s not possible to group them according to the type of the found files or filter the files with bad recovery chances.
  • No multi-language capability. The application is only available in English.
  • Bad support for file signatures. The program claims support for 1000. This is nothing more than a marketing ploy. In practice, the program often struggles to find even the most common file types.
  • No session manager. There is no session manager for previous scan sessions.
  • No auto-update. There is no built-in auto-update.
  • Can't work with drive images. The program can't mount and scan drive images.
  • Too much user interaction. The program requires constant participation in the scanning process by asking questions. Modern utilities, on the other hand, are capable of solving everything on their own.

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iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows

Chengdu Aibo Tech Co., Ltd.

Visit website

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iBoysoft Data Recovery – Overview


In this review of iBoysoft Data Recovery, we’re going to dive deep into every aspect of the software. Let’s start by looking at the pricing and technical details of the software, as well as the company behind it.


RequirementsWindows XP-11
Latest version 4.3 • Released 15th Jan, 2024
Download size5.02 MB
CategoryData Recovery Software
UI languagesEnglish, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese


Distributed as Freemium Some features are provided free of charge, but money is required to unlock the rest
Trial version availableTrial version available
Trial version limitations

With trial version you can:

  • Scan lost data
  • Free preview files
Paid plans
  • Basic edition
  • Professional edition
  • Technician edition
Price range $69.95...$299
License model Subscription
No credit card to tryNo credit card to try
Money back guaranteeMoney back guarantee

The installer for the software is really small at 4.62 MB. The application is also conveniently small too, only taking up 19 MB of space on your hard drive after installation.

In the trial version of the program, you can scan for lost data and preview the files that are found. Unlike other data recovery software trials, it does not allow you to recover a limited amount of data to test its abilities. Instead, to begin recovering files you must purchase a license. Licenses start at $69.95 and go up to $299.

Pricing details

1Price $69.95
  • 1-year subscription
  • Support Windows 11/10/8/7/XP
  • Recover unlimited data
  • Fix RAW drive without data loss
1Price $199

Everything in personal license plus:

  • Recover data from Bitlocker drive
  • Support Windows Server 2019/2016/2012/2008/2003
1Price $299
  • 1-year subscription
  • Recover unlimited data
  • Fix RAW drive without data loss
  • Recover data from Bitlocker drive
  • For service provider, IT pro/admin, IT technician
  • Has built-in deactivate option

Discounts and coupons

iBoysoft Data Recovery Basic Edition -30% OFF

Simply click on the link to get the 30% discount automatically.

Get the Deal

Have you found a better discount coupon and would like to share it with our readers? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, and we’ll update this section promptly.

Developer — Chengdu Aibo Tech Co., Ltd.

iBoysoft Data Recovery was developed by Chengdu Aibo Tech Co., Ltd. The company is situated in Chengdu, China and was founded in 2017.

1% 20.3% than avg

Online market share

Reflects the share of online traffic within the niche occupied by data recovery software, based on data taken from ahrefs.com (from Google US search engine).

1100 61.4% than avg

Brand name popularity

Based on the number of brand-related search queries on Google US according to ahrefs.com.

iBoysoft’s mission is the devoted development of software and utilities to make life easier. In addition to iBoysoft Data Recovery, iBoysoft has also developed iBoysoft DiskGeeker and iBoysoft MagicMenu, both of which are utilities for macOS.

Developer website iboysoft.com
Support email support@iboysoft.com

2017 • 7 years on the market

HQ location

No. 308, 3/F, Unit 1, Building 6, No. 1700, Tianfu Avenue North, High-tech Zone

Social media YouTube

The company is fairly new on the scene in comparison to some older technology companies, having only been founded in 2017. The company is active on Twitter and Facebook, but its YouTube channel is where it gets the most engagement through the production of how-to guides and problem-solving videos.

Data Recovery with iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows

Tested on: Windows 11 (22H2)

Next, we’re going to take a look at what a typical recovery looks like with iBoysoft Data Recovery.

How We Test

We use the same testing process for all data recovery tools we review. In doing so, it allows us to create a standardized way of measuring the performance of each application and objectively comparing them against one another. The results provide insights that are backed by data to give you a full understanding of what you're getting when you download or buy the software.

1InstallationDuring installation, we take note of what information is provided to the user and what options are available, like the ability to choose the installation location.
2Source selectionOnce the application is installed, we look at how easy it is to choose the storage device you want to scan and whether or not it's possible to scan individual partitions and images.
3Scanning processWe review the scanning process based on convenience, time, and scanning methods used.
4Managing found dataFinding and selecting the data you want to recover should be easy. We look at what filtering options are available and if it's possible to search for specific files.
5Recovery and post-processingWe measure how long recovery takes and how much of our data is still usable after data recovery has finished.

This process is repeated for all scanning methods that are available in the software. Below you’ll find a breakdown of how iBoysoft Data Recovery performed with our testing.

Step 1


The installation process is fairly standard. The installer takes you through the license agreement and allows you to choose an installation location for the program. It also mentions how much disk space is required.

The application does not warn you against installing it to the same drive you're recovering data from, which could cause some users to unintentionally overwrite the data they're intending to recover. Once the installation is finished, it will open to a browser page that includes options for buying the full version and links to common resources.

Step 2

Source selection

The opening screen allows you to choose between Data Recovery, RAW Drive Recovery, and BitLocker recovery. On the source selection screen, you can choose which drive you'd like to scan. Shown beside each drive are its capacity and file system.

Step 3

Scanning process

Before you begin the scan, you must manually go and select all of the file types you'd like the scan to find. Only a handful are selected by default. This must be done each time you perform a scan, as the program automatically resets back to the default selections before every scan.

At the bottom, you can choose to use a deep scan to find more data. If your partition isn't available, you must go through the process of recovering the lost partition using the Find More Partitions option.

Clicking Next will begin the scan.

Step 4

Managing found files

Once the scan is complete, you'll see your folders on the left side and data on the right. Clicking on each individual folder will show what recoverable contents it contains. Clicking on the drive letter will show all recoverable data.

At the bottom of the screen, you can choose to show only deleted or existing files to narrow down your search. However, outside of this, there's no other convenient way to customize the search results to make data easier to find. The best chance you have is using the search box to search for file types.

Step 5

Recovery and post-processing

Once you've selected the files you want to recover, you'll be able to see how many files you're recovering at the bottom, along with the total size. Clicking Recover will prompt you to select a recovery location.

After recovery, a notice will appear recommending you review the recovered files to ensure they're intact. 


iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows – Tutorials and Other Videos

We've compiled some useful videos around iBoysoft Data Recovery to help give you a fuller understanding of the software and how to use it. Check them out below.

How to Recover Deleted or Lost Files on Windows?

This video is about how to recover deleted or lost files in Windows. Free Windows data recovery software to restore files from PC, HDD, SD card, CF card, USB flash drives.

How to Recover Data From BitLocker Encrypted Drive & Encrypted HDD Data Recovery Software

Looking for a BitLocker recovery tool? With iBoysoft Data Recovery, as the best encrypted HDD data recovery software, you can recover deleted or lost files from BitLocker encrypted drives in Windows easily and efficiently.

iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows – Full Review

Now that we’ve looked at everything from pricing to recovery, let’s start breaking down how well iBoysoft Data Recovery performed in each category of our testing.



12 rating criteria

iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows receives a just-below-average Karma score. It doesn’t appear that the software has a regular update frequency. At the time of this review, the software hasn’t been updated in over 6 months. Even so, a changelog is kept updated whenever new versions are released.

Because the software and company haven’t been around for long, they lose some points in regard to brand name popularity and maturity. While they do have helpdesk support and an extensive knowledge base of helpful articles, the company doesn’t offer support over live chat or phone.

1Update frequency More than 6 months
2Updated recently No
3Changelog available Available (View full update history)
4Latest Windows release supported Yes, all good
5Genuine or clone? Genuine
6Brand name popularity Unpopular
7Online market share Poor
8Maturity Immature
9Extensive knowledge base Available
10Helpdesk support Available
11Live chat Not available
12Phone support No

Bang for the buck

8 rating criteria

Bang for the buck measures how well the data recovery tool’s performance aligns with the pricing. We found that iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows is overpriced for what it’s able to deliver. For the price point, you’re able to get better quality results from one of its competitors. Furthermore, it’s only available on a subscription basis – there are no lifetime licenses available. 

1Competitive pricing A little bit overpriced.
2Price-quality ratio Not as good as you would expect.
3Free trial You can only preview files in the trial.
4Is it free? No.
5Pricing policy Subscription-based.
6Unlimited recovery in full version Yes.
7Free upgrades Some.
8Commercial rights in the cheapest license No.


18 rating criteria

iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows has a bad user interface that is lacking many features that would help users quickly and easily navigate the program and recover their data.

Its user interface is static, meaning that you cannot make it fullscreen by double-clicking the title bar and you cannot resize the window by clicking and dragging. None of its features are easily accessible unless you go all the way back to the home screen. And, you’re only stuck with the one view to review your found files.

1Modern user-friendly interface No
2Dark mode No
3Easy-to-locate features No
4Automatic implementation of multiple appropriate scanning methods without user interaction No
5Auto-resuming scans of failing drives No
6Auto-resuming backups of failing drives No
7Convenient source selection on start No
8Convenient file-by-file preview of recoverable items So-so
9Convenient thumbnail preview of recoverable items No
10Mount recoverable items as disk No
11Built-in updater No
12Multiple view modes in scan results No
13Hex view for recoverable items Yes
14Filter recoverable items by type No
15Search recoverable items by file names Yes
16Sort results Yes
17Multilingual UI Yes
18Simple deployment Yes

Recovery performance

122 rating criteria

iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows received an OK score during our testing of its recovery performance. Its ability to recover lost data is decent, having recovered the majority of our data in each test. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include any other notable recovery features, so data recovery is its sole purpose.

1Deep scan FineRecovered most of our data, but some of it was not found.
2Quick scan FineAgain, recovered most of our data, but there were some files it missed.
3Other types of scan FineIncludes a signature scanner, but cannot recover data from disk images.
4Device support FineGood support for devices, including unmountable partitions.
5Real-life recovery challenge FineAverage to below-average results, there were many file types it didn't support or failed to recover.
6Other notable recovery features BadThe program doesn't include any other notable recovery features.

Clever scan

The ability to restore original folder structure and file names Most consumer-oriented data recovery software applications can attempt to not only restore deleted files but also recover their original file names and folder structure. We call this type of functionality Clever scan
Average Score
1FAT32 partitions3
2exFAT partitions4
3NTFS partitions4
4EXT4 partitions0
5HFS+ partitions0
6APFS partitions0

iBoysoft Data Recovery was able to recover most of our lost data with its clever scan, but it did have some shortcomings. The folder structure of our exFAT partition was missing after recovery. For our FAT32 partition, it failed to find 542 of our files. Furthermore, none of the files in our root folder were found and the folder structure missing here too. The NTFS results were promising, although it didn’t find 41 of our lost files.

The program does not support recovery from Linux (EXT4) or Apple (HFS+, APFS) file systems, so it didn’t receive a score for them. Mac users will instead need to purchase a license for iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac.

Quick scan

Recovery of recently deleted files Every lost minute can significantly worsen the outcome of a data recovery attempt, and Quick scan certainly doesn’t waste your time because it’s designed to find as many recently deleted files as quickly as possible
Average Score
1HFS+ partitions0
2APFS partitions0
3FAT32 partitions3
4exFAT partitions4
5NTFS partitions4
6EXT4 partitions0

The program had similar results when recovering our recently deleted files with its quick scan. The majority of our data was found, with some files remaining missing. We also noticed that many of the small files located on our FAT32 and exFAT partitions were not located in the same folders they were lost in.

Again, since Linux and Apple file systems are not supported, we could not provide a score for them.

Other scan types

Advanced scan types for solving complicated data loss situations Basic data recovery algorithms aimed at recovering recently deleted data cover only a small subset of the data loss issues users experience every day. That’s why developers also implement all kinds of advanced scan types
Average Score
1The number of formats supported by deep scan2
2BitLocker support5
3Windows shadow copies scanning0
4Scan for lost partitions5
5Recovered files' labeling3
6Partial file recovery5
7Disk images: scan and recovery0

While iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows does include a signature scanner, it claims to support over 1000 file formats. Our test results do not reflect this. In fact, this number seems to be incredibly inflated. In actuality, it only supports between 100 to 200 file formats.

The program supports the recovery of data from BitLocker-encrypted drives. However, this feature is locked behind another paid license. One redeeming quality is its ability to search for and recover lost partitions, which can be done while selecting what you’d like to scan.

Device Support

Supported internal and external storage devices Ideally, data recovery software applications should be able to recover from internal and external hard drives, external USB flash drives, memory cards, smartphones, and other commonly used storage devices
Average Score
1Internal and external HDD5
2Internal and external SSD5
3USB thumb drives / Classic iPods (non-iOS) / FireWire devices5
4Memory cards5
5iOS devices0
6Android devices0
7Recovery from RAID1, 0, JBOD3
8Unmountable partitions5

iBoysoft Data Recovery supports all major devices, including internal and external hard drives and solid-state drives, USB flash drives, and memory cards (like SD and CF cards). It also supports unmountable partitions and some RAID arrays that have a built-in controller. It cannot recover data from iOS or Android devices like mobile phones or tablets.

Real-life recovery challenges

Results of real-life data recovery tests performed under controlled conditions It’s one thing to advertise support for hundreds of file formats, and it’s something else entirely to recover them in practice. Our tests reveal whether the data recovery software lives up to its promises
Average Score
1Raw photo recovery3
2Video formats recovery3
3Document formats recovery3
Raw photo recovery
The ability to recover raw photo file formats used by digital cameras and mobile devices Most modern digital cameras and increasingly many mobile devices let their users capture raw image data in a variety of raw file formats, so having the ability to recover them can be extremely helpful
Average Score
13fr (Hasselblad 3F raw image)3
2arw (Sony alpha raw)4
3bmp (bitmap image file)2
4cr2 (Canon raw version 2)3
5cr3 (Canon raw version 3)4
6crw (Canon raw CIFF image file)4
7dcr (Kodak digital camera raw)5
8dng (digital negative lossless raw image)4
9CinemaDNG (Blackmagic, Penelope, Pocket)4
10erf (Epson raw file)2
11exr (high dynamic-range file format)0
12fff (Hasselblad raw image)2
13gpr (GoPro raw format)4
14heic (high efficiency image file format)2
15iiq (intelligent image quality raw Leaf, Phase One)2
16insp (panoramic image Insta360)0
17jp2 (bitmap image format JPEG 2000)2
18jpg (joint photographic experts group compressed image)3
19kdc (Kodak digital camera raw image)3
20mef (Mamiya raw image file)0
21mos (Leaf and Mamiya raw image file)0
22mpo (multi picture stereoscopic object file)0
23mrw (Konica Minolta raw image format)0
24nef (Nikon raw image file)5
25nrw (Nikon raw image file)4
26orf (Olympus raw format)0
27pef (Pentax raw image file)5
28raf (Fujifilm raw image file)0
29raw (native digital camera file)3
30rw2 (Panasonic LUMIX raw image file)5
31rwl (Leica raw image format)5
32sr2 (Sony raw 2 image file)2
33srf (Sony raw file)2
34srw (Samsung raw image file)3
35tiff (tag image file format)3
36x3f (Sigma camera raw picture file)0
37x3i (Sigma super fine detail picture file)0

The signature scanner had the most success recovering raw photos out of the other file types, but it still struggled with getting most of our data. Formats like DCR, PEF, RWL, CR3, and ARW had the best support, with most of them being recovered with only minor issues. Most other file types, though, either weren’t found, came back corrupted, or were recovered in a different format from what they actually were. Not even all versions of JPG, a really common file type, are supported.

Video formats recovery
Video recovery performance measured against commonly used video formats Video file formats have evolved a lot during the last decade, and not all recovery software tools support modern formats used by the latest digital cameras, camcorders, and mobile devices
Average Score
1360 (GoPRO 360 degree videos)5
2ari (ARRI professional digital video camera)0
3arx (ARRI professional digital video camera)0
4avi (GoPRO CineForm intermediate codec)0
5avi (MJPG, H.264, MSMPEG4 v2 codecs)0
6braw (Blackmagic raw video file)4
7insv (Insta360 panoramic AVC H.264 video file)2
8insv (Insta360 panoramic HEVC HVC1 video file)3
9mov (Apple ProRes 422 Proxy/LT/HQ)4
10mov (Apple ProRes 4444 Raw/HQ)4
11mov (advanced video coding H.264)5
12mov (CineForm HD codec)5
13mov (HEVC, HVC1 codecs)4
14mp4 (advanced video coding H.264)2
15mp4 (HEVC, HVC1, Apple ProRes codecs)2
16mxf (advanced video coding H.264)0
17mxf (DVCPRO HD codec)0
18mxf (ARRI raw, Apple ProRes codecs)0
19mxf (XDCAM HD422, HD35 MPEG2 codecs)0
20r3d (Red digital camera company raw video file)0
21wmv (pro raw 9 codec)0

When it comes to recovering video formats, iBoysoft Data Recovery doesn’t do too well. 360, MOV, and BRAW formats were basically fine. It really struggled to recover our MP4 files, which is an extremely common video file format. WMV, perhaps less common than MP4 but still fairly common, wasn’t supported at all. 

Document formats recovery
Determining how well the software recovers document file formats Documents are among the most commonly recovered file formats because their importance can be tremendous, especially when they're related to work or school. Because of how many document file formats exist these days, older and less developed data recovery software often struggle recovering and recognizing all of them
Average Score
1accdb (Microsoft Access 2007+ database file)0
2djvu (compressed image format)0
3doc (Microsoft Word 97 – 2003 document file)4
4docx (Microsoft Word 2007+ document file)2
5fb2 (FictionBook 2.0 File)2
6key (Apple Keynote)3
7mdb (Microsoft Access 97 - 2003 database file)4
8numbers (Apple Numbers)3
9odp (OpenOffice presentation file format)3
10ods (OpenDocument spreadsheet file format)3
11odt (OpenDocument text document file format)3
12pages (Apple Pages)3
13pdf (portable document format)0
14ppt (Microsoft Powerpoint 97 - 2003 presentation file)4
15pptx (Microsoft Powerpoint 2007+ presentation file)3
16rtf (rich text format)2
17xls (Microsoft Excel 97 - 2003 spreadsheet file)4
18xlsx (Microsoft Excel 2007+ spreadsheet file)4

The recovery results for documents were so-so. Older Microsoft formats performed well, like DOC, PPT, and XLS. Newer versions (except XLSX) had some trouble though. It was only able to recover 151 out of 861 of our DOCX files and 115 out of our 259 PPTX files. It did find all of our PDF files, but all of them were corrupted after recovery.

Other notable recovery features

Additional recovery features and their performance These additional recovery features are what often separates average data recovery software solutions from those that can satisfy the needs of professionals and power users
Average Score
1Overall non-intrusive read-only algorithms0
2Network recovery0
3Effectively filters out corrupted scan results0
4Byte-to-byte device backups0
5Bootable recovery drive creation0
6Convenient scan session management2
7Bad sector management0
8Recovery chance prediction0
9RAID reconstructor0
10Disk vitals monitoring and tracking during scan0
11Data protection0
12Links to in-lab recovery service for physically damaged devices0
13Scan speed3
14Scan free space only0
15Start file recovery without interrupting the scan0
16Preview recoverable items without interrupting the scan0
17Forensic features0

Don’t expect much else outside of data recovery when you get iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows. The best it can offer you is decent scan speeds and the ability to save and load scan sessions (but no way to manage them within the application).



10 rating criteria

It’s not uncommon for data recovery tools to include useful extras that complement data recovery. Things like corrupted file repair, SMART monitoring, and disk cloning help with post-recovery and helps protect your data in the future.

1Disk space mapping NoNot supported
2Disk clean up NoNot supported
3Corrupted video repair tool NoNot supported
4Corrupted photo repair tool NoNot supported
5S.M.A.R.T. NoNot supported
6Duplicate finder NoNot supported
7Built-in disk space secure eraser NoNot supported
8Disk cloning NoNot supported
9Disk surface test NoNot supported
10Secure data shredding NoNot supported

Unfortunately, iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows does not include any extras for its users.

What Users Say about iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows

What do you like best about iBoysoft Data Recovery?

iBoysoft Data Recovery can recover lost, deleted or inaccessible files from different drives, flash, optical, SDD and more. It has an interface that executes a scan with just a click. It allows to carry out backup copies of the data and restore them in other computers. I also like that their customer service is so attentive, they really answer any question in seconds.

What do you dislike about iBoysoft Data Recovery?

Online user documentation is very scarce. Also, I think it's a huge price from the normal version to the professional version, where only support for Windows Server is added. I also think that your refund policy is almost nil, if you read well there are no refunds.

Ivan G. / g2.com

We really enjoyed using the iBoysoft Data Recovery software, its small in size and can be used on any computer be it old or new. The system requirements are fewer hence it runs smoothly on a computer of low configuration even. However, if you are a little impatient then you won’t like the Deep scan mode on it as it takes a lot of time to scan the partitions. But, overall the software is easy to use and delivers what it promises.


I used a software called iboysoft to extract the data and put it onto a new drive when that happened to me. Worked out great and their customer service is on point if you need help.

TerdFaceKilla / Twitter

iBoySoft – Absolutely useless after reformat. Found a lot of files, but all recovered files come out as damaged and are unreadable. Beware because there is no refunds at all even when contacted the support. Wasted $84.

Yan / windowsedition.com

Bottom line

iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows is an OK data recovery tool that’s largely being held back by its poor user experience and lack of additional features. The application has a static interface that cannot be enlarged or resized. And, while you can scan for lost partitions, you must find the lost partition first and then perform an extra scan once it’s located.

Sorting through the found files is troublesome due to the lack of filtering options and view modes. The application doesn’t even allow you to view or recover files while the scan is active.

While it doesn’t have the worst recovery results, it doesn’t have the best. Strangely, out of all of the data it recovered, it seemed to have the toughest time recovering the more common file types, like PDF, JPG, and MP4. Overall, our testing shows that iBoysoft Data Recovery is priced too high for what it’s capable of, especially since it doesn’t have any extras or unique features that makes it stand out from the competition. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve searched for the most commonly asked questions relating to iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows and answered them below.

How to use iBoysoft Data Recovery?

Follow these steps to perform data recovery using iBoysoft Data Recovery:

  1. Click Data Recovery, then select the drive you want to scan. Click Next.
  2. Once the scan has finished, select the files that you want to recover. Click Recover when you’re ready.
  3. Choose a recovery location for your files.

No, iBoysoft Data Recovery is a paid data recovery tool. However, you can download the program for free and begin scanning your drive for recoverable data. In order to recover the files, you must upgrade to a paid license.

There are three iBoysoft Data Recovery licenses to choose from:

  • Classic – $69.95/year
  • Professional – $199/year
  • Technician – $299/year

Yes, iBoysoft Data Recovery is a legitimate data recovery application that can scan your drive for lost data and recover it.

This largely depends on the size of the drive and the type of scan you’re performing. For example, performing a deep scan on a large drive can take hours at a time, whereas performing a quick scan on a small drive can complete in mere seconds.

During our testing, iBoysoft Data Recovery had decently fast scan speeds.

Yes, you can get iBoysoft Data Recovery on Windows 10. Support for Windows 11 was also introduced with the Version 3.6 update that was released on Jul 8, 2021.

👍 Worth a try

iBoysoft Data Recovery Review: Not Much to Offer

Out of 5 Total score

No. 17 Among all Windows solutions

iBoysoft Data Recovery can recover your deleted files, but its poor user interface and lack of features makes it hard to justify the high price point.

Visit developer's website
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No. 3
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Easy to use and capable of delivering solid results, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is good at what it does.

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Cisdem Data Recovery is well-suited for recovering data from a multitude of data loss scenarios, but it won’t satisfy professionals and technicians.

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DiskGenius is a feature-rich data recovery solution that equips its users with a highly technical toolset to tackle complex data recovery situations.

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Jordan Jamieson-Mane
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Jordan Jamieson-Mane is a content writer with a focus on technology-related content. He has spent much of his life studying and working with all types of technology. During his time as a writer, he has written countless articles in the field of data recovery, breaking down complex topics into articles that are easy to understand.

When he's not writing articles on data recovery, Jordan enjoys traveling the world, reading books, and building websites.

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Yevgeniy Tolkunov
Yevgeniy Tolkunov

Yevgeniy Tolkunov is Hardware Engineer at ACE Data Recovery. Yevgeniy has a Master's Degree in Physics, Information Technology; 15+ years of experience.