5 Best macOS Alternatives to Recuva

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There has always been strong demand for free data recovery software. On the Windows side, users can recover an unlimited amount of data without paying using Recuva, an easy-to-use application from the developers of CCleaner. But what about the users of macOS? In this article, we explore if it’s possible to run Recuva on Mac computers and provide multiple alternatives that are guaranteed to work great.

Top macOS Recuva Alternatives

Listed below are the top 3 alternatives to Recuva. You can find even more alternatives later in this article.

Top pick
1. Disk Drill for macOS
Disk Drill for Mac combines ease of use with excellent data recovery capabilities and many extra features that greatly increase its overall value. Read full review
Distributed as:  Freemium
2. PhotoRec for macOS
PhotoRec for Mac delivers decent data recovery performance, but the lack of a graphical user interface makes it more difficult to take advantage of it. Read full review
Distributed as:  Free
3. R-Studio for Mac
There’s a good reason why R-Studio for Mac is loved by professionals, but regular home users have different priorities. Read full review
Distributed as:  Freemium

Does Recuva Work on a Mac?

The short answer is no. Recuva was designed with the Windows operating system in mind, so it’s impossible to run it on a Mac. Even if you managed to get it to launch using tools like CrossOver, you wouldn’t be able to scan your Mac hard drive (or any other storage device)—let alone recover lost data from it.

Since its initial release in 2007, Recuva’s development has slowed down to a crawl, and the last major update has been released a long time ago. Considering that even the Windows version of the data recovery application is essentially abandoned, it’s safe to say that a Mac version won’t ever be released. 

Recuva Logo
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Why you might need a Mac alternative to Recuva

1macOS version available NoSadly, there's no Mac version of Recuva, and there most likely won't ever be any.
2HFS+ partitions can Not supportedRecuva doesn't support HFS+ partitions.
3APFS partitions scan Not supportedRecuva doesn't support APFS partitions.
4exFAT partitions scan Not supportedRecuva doesn't support exFAT partitions.
5The number of formats supported by deep scan DecentMany modern file formats are not supported.
6Unmountable partitions scan NoIt's not possilbe to scan unmountable partitions.
7Scan for lost partitions NoLost partitions are invisible to Recuva.
8Preview recoverable items without interrupting the scan NoThe scan process must finish for you to see its results.
9Mount recoverable items as disk NoYou can't mount recoverable items as a virtual disk.
10Corrupted photo repair tool NoThe software can't repair corrupted photos.
11Update frequency SeldomIt has been a long time since the last major update.
12Live chat NoYou can't contact customer support via chat.

There are many reasons to explore Recuva alternatives, as the table above shows, and the biggest one of them is the fact that Recuva isn’t available on macOS. 

Top 5 Best Recuva Alternatives for Mac

Just because Mac users can’t use Recuva doesn’t mean they’re out of options when it comes to data recovery. Described below are the top 5 best Recuva alternatives for Mac. 

disk drill 5 for macos icon

1. Disk Drill for macOS

4.79 • Best choice for Mac users – Disk Drill for Mac is the best data recovery solution for Mac we've tested so far. By combining an easy-to-use interface with powerful features, it has a lot to offer to casual and experienced users alike. 
Last Release
22nd Dec, 2023
macOS 10.15-14.0


The first Recuva alternative we want to recommend is Disk Drill for macOS, the best-rated Mac data recovery software. Described as powerful, user-friendly, and affordable, Disk Drill embodies many of the same qualities that make Recuva such a popular Windows data recovery software. 

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Disk Drill supports both older Intel-based Macs as well as the latest Apple silicon Macs. There’s even a version for Windows that features the same advanced data recovery algorithms that make the Mac version such an excellent alternative to Recuva.

The main differences between Disk Drill and Recuva

Overview of main differences
#FeatureRecuvaDisk Drill
1Starting priceFree$89.00 / Perpetual
2Runs natively on T2/M1 Macs bad good
3APFS partitions scan bad good
4HFS+ partitions scan bad good
5exFAT partitions scan bad good
6Scan for lost partitions bad good
7Unmountable partitions bad good
8Preview recoverable items without interrupting the scan bad good
9Mount recoverable items as disk bad good
10Modern user-friendly interface bad good
11Automatic implementation of multiple appropriate scanning methods without user interaction bad good
12Overall non-intrusive read-only algorithms bad good
13Convenient scan session management bad good
14Auto-resuming scans of failing drives bad good
15Data protection bad good
16S.M.A.R.T. bad good
17Update frequency bad good
18Live chat bad good

Disk Drill is the best alternative to Recuva even though it's not completely free. A perpetual license costs $89.00, which is a fair price to pay for software that runs natively on T2/Apple silicon and delivers excellent data recovery results when scanning APFS, HFS+, exFAT, and other partitions. 

As easy-to-use as Recuva is, Disk Drill takes user-friendliness to a whole new level with its automatic implementation of multiple non-intrusive scanning algorithms that makes it possible to find a huge number of lost files with a simple click. 

Disk Drill is a far more versatile application than Recuva because it includes multiple extra features, covering everything from data protection to data management to data security. 

Disk Drill is a good alternative to Recuva because:

macOS support

Scans Apple file systems

One-click recovery

Many extra features

Android/iOS support

Safe and reliable

Frequently updated

Live chat support

Disk Drill is a poor alternative to Recuva because:

Can't recover lost files for free

qphotorec icon

2. PhotoRec for macOS

3.30 • Excellent value in a not-so-appealing package – If you don't fear software that runs in Terminal on Mac, then you should give PhotoRec a try because it can recover an unlimited amount of data for free. 
Last Release
22nd Feb, 2024
macOS 10.6-14.0


Just like Recuva, PhotoRec offers an excellent value because this data recovery software is completely free and unlimited. Without asking you for your hard-earned money, PhotoRec will gladly recover lost documents, images, videos, audio files, and other data from all kinds of storage devices. 

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As the screenshots above show, PhotoRec doesn’t have a graphical user interface, but it does feature a step-by-step data recovery wizard to guide users through the recovery process. 

The main differences between PhotoRec and Recuva

Overview of main differences
1Is it free? good good
2The number of formats supported by deep scan bad fine
3Raw photo recoverybase-warnbase-pros
4Video formats recoverybase-warnbase-pros
5Document formats recoverybase-warnbase-pros
6Start file recovery without interrupting the scan bad good
7Partial file recovery good bad
8Recovery chance prediction fine bad
9Easy-to-locate features good bad
10Byte-to-byte device backups good bad
11Secure data shredding good bad

PhotoRec claims to recover over 480 file extensions, and our independent tests confirmed this to be true. The application can recover even raw photo and video file formats—something many paid solutions struggle with. 

You can't choose which files you want to recover when using PhotoRec (but you can recover only certain file formats), but the application lets you comb through recovered files even while it's still scanning. 

PhotoRec is a good alternative to Recuva because:

Free and open source

Supports hundreds of file formats

Great raw photo/video performance

Recovery while scanning

PhotoRec is a poor alternative to Recuva because:

No graphical user interface

Can't recover partially deleted files

No extra features

r-studio icon macos

3. R-Studio for Mac

3.68 • Capable but potentially intimidating – If you're a data recovery professional or an advanced Mac user, then R-Studio for Mac deserves your attention.
Last Release
14th Dec, 2023
macOS 10.5-13.0


If you’re interested in alternatives to Recuva because you find the application too dumbed down, then R-Studio for Mac may be the right choice for you. This data recovery application is aimed at power users and professionals, and it gives them all the features they could possibly need to solve the most difficult data loss scenarious. 

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The user interface of R-Studio for Mac makes it clear that ease of use isn’t one of the top priorities of its developers. Indeed, this professional software is all about features and performance. 

The main differences between R-Studio and Recuva

Overview of main differences
1Starting priceFree$79.99 / Permanent
2Recovery from RAID1, 0, JBOD bad good
3RAID reconstructor bad good
4Network recovery bad good
5Bad sector management bad good
6Recovery chance prediction fine good
7S.M.A.R.T. bad fine
8Forensic features bad good
9Helpdesk support bad good
10Easy-to-locate features good bad
11Convenient file-by-file preview of recoverable items good fine
12Secure data shredding good bad

It probably won't surprise you to learn that R-Studio, a professional data recovery software application. The least expensive license costs $79.99. More expensive licenses include everything from commercial use rights to Forensic Mode, but regular users don't really need these and other perks. 

In terms of recovery capabilities, R-Studio is in a league of its own compared with Recuva. You can use it to reconstruct RAID arrays, recover data from a remote computer, avoid bad sectors, and more. 

R-Studio is a good alternative to Recuva because:

RAID recovery

Network recovery

Forensic features

Helpdesk support

R-Studio is a poor alternative to Recuva because:

Difficult to use

Isn't free

Lack secure data shredding capabilities

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

4. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac

3.82 • Respectable free data recovery limit – Despite its shortcomings, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac is an extremely recommendable data recovery application because it masterfully combines solid data recovery performance with an intuitive user interface.
Last Release
21st Mar, 2024
macOS 10.9-14.0


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac is among the most popular applications of its kind. Much of its popularity stems from its ease of use, but its data recovery performance also has a lot to do with it. 

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Mac users can appreciate applications that are just as well-designed as the macOS operating system itself, and EaseUS certainly fits the description. The easy-to-use software recognizes over 200 file types and provides full support for Apple Silicon Macs. 

The main differences between EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and Recuva

Overview of main differences
#FeatureRecuvaEaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
1Starting priceFree$89.95 / 1 month
2Raw photo recoverybase-warnbase-pros
3Video formats recoverybase-warnbase-pros
4Unmountable partitions bad good
5Start file recovery without interrupting the scan bad good
6Bootable recovery drive creation bad bad
7Recovery chance prediction fine bad
8Effectively filters out corrupted scan results fine bad
9Hex view for recoverable items fine bad
10Secure data shredding good bad

If your goal is to recover lost data for as little money as possible, then you can purchase the monthly EaseUS subscription plan and cancel it before renewal. The recovery will still cost you $89.95, but at least you won't spend even a dollar more. 

The good news is that you can expect pretty good results, even when recovering raw photos and videos from unmountable partitions—a scenario that not many data recovery applications can cope with. 

EaseUS can also create a bootable recovery drive to help you get back lost data from a Mac that doesn't boot properly. However, it won't help you securely delete sensitive files. 

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a good alternative to Recuva because:

Modern user interface

Great raw photo/video recovery

Scans unmountable partitions

Can create a bootable recovery drive

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a poor alternative to Recuva because:

Expensive subscription plans

Can't securely delete files

Corrupted files listed among results

Doesn't show recovery chances

stellar data recovery icon

5. Stellar Data Recovery for Mac

3.31 • Not as stellar as its name suggests – Stellar Data Recovery for Mac may be one of the most popular data recovery software applications for Mac, but it's certainly not one of the best. 
Last Release
20th Jan, 2024
macOS 10.11-14.0


Stellar Data Recovery for Mac is an easy-to-use Recuva alternative that’s geared toward users who want to achieve great results with minimum effort required. As such, it doesn’t offer an abundance of features, but it offers a straightforward user experience. 

Read full Stellar Data Recovery for Mac review

Stellar has been around for many years, and the application received many awards and recognitions. While the latest version of Stellar leaves something to be desired when compared with other Recuva alternatives, it’s still well-worth considering. 

The main differences between Stellar Data Recovery and Recuva

Overview of main differences
#FeatureRecuvaStellar Data Recovery
1Starting priceFree$69.99 / 1 year
2Corrupted video repair tool bad good
3Corrupted photo repair tool bad good
4Recovery from RAID1, 0, JBOD bad fine
5Unmountable partitions bad fine
6Recovered files' labeling fine good
7Convenient scan session management bad good
8Disk cloning bad good
9Disk surface test bad good
10Bootable recovery drive creation bad bad
11Phone support bad good
12Effectively filters out corrupted scan results fine bad
13Recovery chance prediction fine bad
14Recovery chance prediction fine bad
15Convenient thumbnail preview of recoverable items fine good
16Multiple view modes in scan results fine good
17Hex view for recoverable items fine bad
18Secure data shredding good bad

Stellar Data Recovery for Mac is a subscription-based data recovery software application that justifies its price by including video and photo repair capabilities—a feature that's not offered by any other Recuva alternative. 

To satisfy even users who don't need to recover lost videos and photos, Stellar can also clone storage devices, test their integrity, create bootable recovery drives, and more.

The application lives up to its reputation when it comes to ease of use, but we were somewhat disappointed with its recovery performance. 

Stellar Data Recovery is a good alternative to Recuva because:

Photo repair

Video repair

Extra feautres

Bootable recovery drive creation

Easy to use

Stellar Data Recovery is a poor alternative to Recuva because:

Costs money

Average data recovery performance


Wrapping Up



Disk Drill

4.79 57%

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

3.82 25%


3.68 21%


3.30 8%

Stellar Data Recovery

3.31 8%

Disk Drill is the best Recuva alternative that's available for the macOS operating system. The software is so easy to use that even complete novices can complete a recovery without ever feeling lost or confused, and the results are always worth it.

Disk Drill for macOS

4.79 • Excellent – Disk Drill may not be completely unlimited, but this data recovery software is well-worth its price.



Last Release

22nd Dec, 2023




macOS 10.15-14.0

But what if you don’t want to spend any money at all to recover data on macOS? In that case, you should give PhotoRec a try. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s answer some commonly asked questions about Recuva and its alternatives.  

Is there Recuva for Mac?

No, unfortunately, Piriform has never released a Mac version of Recuva.

Attempting to run Recuva on a Mac is a waste of time. Even if you could get the software to run, it wouldn’t be able to recover your data because Mac-specific file systems are not supported.

No, Recuva doesn’t work on iOS, and the software also can’t scan iOS devices.

The best Recuva alternative for Mac is Disk Drill. While not free, the Disk Drill can deliver excellent recovery results with a few clicks. 

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