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#13 Remo Recover Review: Is It Worth the Price?


Price range $69.97...$399.97 • Remo Software

Remo Recover doesn’t have anything special to offer that can’t be found in other, more affordable alternatives. Read full review


#14 Recuva Review: Popular but Flawed Windows Data Recovery Software


Price range $0...$34.95 • CCleaner

Despite its age and lack of development, Recuva is still worth taking a look at—if only because it recovers an unlimited amount of data for free. Read full review


#15 iCare Data Recovery Review – Worth a Try but Probably Not Your Money


Price range $0...$399.99 • iCare Recovery

iCare Data Recovery underwhelms in terms of both usability and performance. Seek alternatives. What do you think? Read full review


#16 Windows File Recovery Review - Internal Project Made Public


Price range - free • Microsoft Corporation

Windows File Recovery is Microsoft’s first in-house data recovery software application, and it’s clear that it still has a long way to go because it can rival established competitors. Read full review


#17 GetDataBack Pro Review: A Struggle to Get Data Back


Price range $79...$999 • Runtime Software, LLC

GetDataBack Pro fails to meet satisfactory standards in any area, leading us to question how useful it is as a data recovery application. Read full review


#18 Undelete 360 Review - Can Unlimited Recovery Outweigh Its Problems?


Price range $0...$69 • Undelete360 software

Undelete 360 presents itself as a free and unlimited data recovery application, but the reality is very different. Read full review


FAQs About Windows Data Recovery Software

Windows users can pick from a seemingly endless array of Windows data recovery software, but not all available options are equally good. While the best data recovery applications make it possible to survive even the worst data loss scenarios, the worst applications can cause more harm than good. With our reviews, avoiding the latter category of data recovery applications is easy.

What makes the professional reviews on this site different?

Many so-called professional reviews that you can find on the internet these days are actually just paid sponsorship deals that are anything but objective. Because our reviews are based on our comprehensive set of data recovery software testing criteria, they can reveal the true strengths and weaknesses of tested software and tell you how good it is in comparison with other available applications.

Should I pay for full versions of Windows data recovery software?

Most developers of Windows data recovery software offer various free trial versions that, in some cases, even let you recover a certain amount of data without paying. While useful in certain situations, free data recovery software can seldom offer everything full versions of Windows data recovery software can, and data recovery is the last thing you should ever save money on.

Where can I download the best Windows data recovery software?

There are many software download sites that claim to offer for download the best Windows data recovery software. Unfortunately, such sites often distribute outdated versions, and you never know if the version on offer hasn’t been tampered with. That’s why you should always download the best Windows data recovery software from official websites, which we link to in our reviews.

Are there any free unlimited data recovery applications for Windows?

Yes, there are several free unlimited data recovery applications for Windows, and our in-depth professional reviews can tell you how good such applications are in great detail. Generally, however, free unlimited data recovery applications for Windows typically have fewer features, worse data recovery performance, and poorer usability than their paid counterparts.
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