Odysseas Kourafalos

Editor, Author

Odysseas is a geek with over three decades of experience in tech who occasionally lost vast amounts of data. “Data” he managed to recover most of the time using various recovery solutions.

Eventually, he joined our team to write about such data loss and recovery scenarios and all related software and methods.

Despite having written thousands of articles and tutorials for various popular outlets, he considers his data-recovery adventures an ongoing learning experience.

Profile Odysseas KProfile Odysseas K
Profile Odysseas Kourafalos
Odysseas Kourafalos

R-Studio was initially created as a data recovery solution for professionals. Because of that, it was also incredibly...


Profile Odysseas Kourafalos
Odysseas Kourafalos

Despite sharing the same goal, recovering lost files, PhotoRec and EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard couldn't be more different....


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