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Flash drives offer users a simple method of adding storage capacity or sharing files with friends or colleagues. Users often store important data on these devices. In some cases, they contain videos and images that cannot be recreated. We offer a range of articles that address flash drive data recovery to help you get back your lost items. We include information on formatting a USB flash drive without losing data, recovering files from a corrupted flash drive, and retrieving data from a formatted device.

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David Morelo

Top 8 Best USB Data Recovery Software You Should Try

Modern USB flash drives can store large amounts of data, which is great for obvious reasons but bad...


Profile Robert Agar
Robert Agar

How to Recover Deleted Files From a Flash Drive

Even flash drives from reputable manufacturers such as SanDisk and Lexar are not immune to data loss. The...


Profile David Morelo
David Morelo

Top 6 Best USB Repair Tools

USB flash drives are incredibly convenient, but they're not invincible. We probably don't need to tell you how...


Profile Jordan Jamieson-Mane
Jordan Jamieson-Mane

How to Fix a Corrupted Flash Drive Without Formatting

In many cases, the first action Windows suggests after detecting a corrupted flash drive is formatting. While this...


Profile Jordan Jamieson-Mane
Jordan Jamieson-Mane

Unhide Files in USB: How to Show Hidden Files on USB Drive

Staring blankly at your screen and trying to figure out where your USB files have gone? You’re not...