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There are many data recovery tools on the market, which can make it challenging to choose the right one for your data loss situation. Making the wrong choice can complicate recovery efforts or cause the recovery to fail. The articles in this category cover free and paid recovery solutions for a wide variety of data loss scenarios. Topics we cover include video recovery software, disk repair tools, and SD card recovery for Android devices.

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Jordan Jamieson-Mane

Top 5 Best SSD Data Recovery Software

Oh no! You've lost an important file from your SSD. Before you burst into panic mode, you may...


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Robert Agar

Top 10 Best SD Card Data Recovery Software for Mac

Secure Digital (SD) cards are an excellent and widely used method of expanding the storage capacity of smartphones,...


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David Morelo

Top 10 Best Disk Repair Software for Mac

Each year, data storage provider Backblaze publishes hard drive reliability statistics, and the results are always the same: the...


Profile Michael Alimo
Michael Alimo

Top 7 Best SDHC Card Recovery Software

Did you recently lose files you are having a hard time trying to recover? If that’s the case,...


Profile Marko Medakovic
Marko Medakovic

Top 5 Best Apps to Recover Data from SD Card on Android

Finding out that your important files went missing from your Android can be devastating. This can happen due...