Stefan Ionescu

Author, Editor

Stefan Ionescu is a passionate technology enthusiast and freelance writer with an MSc in Geological Engineering. Despite his educational background, his love for technology and natural flair for writing have led him to carve out a successful career in the world of tech content creation. Stefan has also developed a strong expertise in data recovery topics, providing valuable insights and guidance for those facing data loss challenges. He is an advocate for both Windows and Mac, emphasizing the advantages and innovations they bring to the world, including their data recovery capabilities. With vast experience and a deep understanding of technical aspects, he is adept at breaking down complex technological topics into easily digestible content for a broad audience.

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When you connect an external hard disk drive (HDD) to a Mac, it shows up on Disk Utility,...


Profile Stefan Ionescu Stefan Ionescu

Having your files disappear suddenly can be devastating, depending on what exactly was lost. In some cases, you...