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Lots of users love their iPhones and use them to store all kinds of files, photos, and videos. People also use iPhones extensively as a texting platform to easily communicate with friends and co-workers. Losing important text messages or photos from an iPhone can be very distressing and lead to high levels of anxiety. We understand the issue and offer articles that show you how to recover lost photos or text messages on your iPhone. We also provide an overview of the top iPhone recovery software for Windows and Mac.

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Profile Alejandro Santos Alejandro Santos

How to Recover Deleted Videos From iPhone

Can you recover deleted videos from an iPhone? Yes – in fact, you have options. Depending on how...


Profile David Morelo David Morelo

How to Recover Deleted Photos From iPhone: Top 3 Free Solutions + Bonus

I have accidentally deleted photos from my iPhone, is it possible to recover them all? Yes, you should...


Profile Jeff Cochin Jeff Cochin

How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on iPhone

If you’re like most iPhone users, the Messages app is one of the most-used apps on your device....


Profile David Morelo David Morelo

Top 15 Free iPhone Recovery Software for Mac and Windows

You can now get an iPhone with more storage capacity than most people have in their laptops and...