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Partitions are used to divide a storage device into logical sections that can be used for multiple purposes. You may experience a data loss issue that affects a specific partition on your hard drive or storage device. You must exercise care when recovering these items so you don’t affect the other partitions on the device. The articles in this category include demonstrating how to recover a deleted partition in Windows 10, recovering data from a formatted partition, and restoring data from a RAW partition.

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Jordan Jamieson-Mane

RAW Partition Recovery: How to Recover Data from a RAW Partition

When a partition is RAW, it means it doesn’t have a functional file system. This is fine if...


Profile Alejandro Santos
Alejandro Santos

How to Recover Data from a Formatted Partition

Formatting a partition will inevitably result in data loss, which is why it's always the last resort when...


Profile David Morelo
David Morelo

How to Recover Deleted Partition on Windows 10

When most Windows users discover that an important partition has been deleted, they immediately assume that all files...


Profile Cas Proffitt
Cas Proffitt

Top 7 Best Partition Recovery Software

Uh oh! Did you just find out that you’re missing irreplaceable data on your hard drive? Whether you’ve...