What is Pandora Radio Service?

Music has come a long way since the days of record players. We can now stream and download any song we want with just a click. There are websites that will let us sample music from around the world without having to wait for a local radio station to play them. One such service is Pandora Radio. Pandora lets us discover new music that we would never otherwise find. You just type in your favorite artist or song, and it will give you a list of other songs that might fit your taste.

Despite the similarities, Pandora Radio works differently than other music discovery services. The service has no genre list, user connections, or ratings. Instead, it analyzes the structure of music to give you a radio station filled with songs with similar music traits. These traits come from a music genome of 400 elements of melody, harmony, rhythm, form, composition, and lyrics.
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How to Use Pandora

As stated earlier, the Pandora media player is your interface to the Pandora Internet Radio System. You do not need an account to use it either, just a broadband internet connection, though your Pandora login gives you access to every feature. Once you get past the Pandora sign in screen, the service gives you a text box. This is where you create your radio station. You type in your favorite artist, song, genre, or album, and then select the format you want from the displayed options. You can even select one of the many previously created stations as well. That station will play after a few more setup prompts that let you modify how you want the music. Once there, you can create other stations, add songs to your Favorites list, buy music from Amazon or iTunes, share your station with friends, and embed your station into your blog.

The service also uses our feedback. Every time you click thumbs-up or thumbs-down, the system updates your playlist accordingly. If you thumbs-up a song, you will get more songs like it. If you thumbs-down, it will drop the song and anything similar. The process works for both the stations you made for yourselves and those you collected from your friends. In the end, you get a progressively personalized radio station that only plays the music you want.

Pandora Uses Musical Traits to Deliver Music

The heart of the Pandora Radio Service is the underlying Pandora Music Genome Project database. It creates the playlist we hear by first choosing a random song from our selected arts and then defining its characteristics to find the next song. These characteristics include the arrangement, beat, form, harmony, lyrics, melody, orchestration, rhythm, syncopation, tempo, vamping, and the song’s voice. You can then read these characteristics in the bottom portion of the player, or by clicking the “Why did you play this song?” option from the album art right-click menu. The service currently works with more modern music such as rock, pop, and hip-hop, but they plan on adding additional genres in the future.
Pandora Uses Musical Traits to Deliver Music

Who can listen to Pandora?

To take advantage of the Pandora music system, you either need to use their website or an app. There are apps for every platform, and your personal preference will dictate which one you should use. The only requirements for listening to Pandora is that you live in either the United States, Australia, or New Zealand, and you have a broadband connection. Otherwise, you are free to consume the service wherever you want.

Most users listen to Pandora on their desktop computer or laptop through the Pandora website. The Website interface offers full access to one’s user profile as well as station creation and modification tools. Besides the website, you can use Pandora app on your mobile device. The app is available on all major mobile operating systems including Android, iOS, and BlackBerry. Beyond mobile devices, you can find Pandora preloaded on several Internet-enabled televisions, streaming devices, and Blu-ray players.

Spotify VS. Pandora

Pandora Internet Radio is not the only music streaming service out there. Services such as Spotify also let you discover and stream music on demand. However, these services operate on different philosophies. Spotify lets users choose the songs they want and when they want to hear them. In contrast, Pandora users only create radio stations based on their preferred music style. Thus, Pandora lets its users discover new music while Spotify lets them share their music. They serve different purposes, and this is the main difference between the two services.

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Spotify VS. Pandora

Pandora Fun Facts

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