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HDDs and SSDs are critical components of your desktop or laptop computer. Most of your valuable files and folders are stored on internal or external HDDs and SSDs. Unfortunately, this data can be accidentally deleted or corrupted and the devices can experience logical or physical damage. We offer articles that cover all aspects of HDD and SSD recovery including how to recover data without formatting the device, recovering from a formatted drive, and information on recovering specific devices such as Western Digital My Passport hard drives.

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Alejandro Santos

How to Recover Data from a Formatted Partition

Formatting a partition will inevitably result in data loss, which is why it's always the last resort when...


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David Morelo

How to Fix a Corrupted Hard Drive on a Windows PC

Has your hard drive become corrupted and your files inaccessible? Don't let the fear of losing them permanently...


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Odysseas Kourafalos

How to Recover a Wiped Hard Drive & Get Erased Data Back

Unlike the classic and much-beloved series whose name sounds the same, nobody wants to deal with The Ex-Files....


Profile Alejandro Santos
Alejandro Santos

Western Digital Data Recovery: How to Recover WD External Hard Drive

If you have important data on your Western Digital external hard drive and you: (1) accidentally deleted it,...


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David Morelo

How to Restore Hard Drive from a Time Machine Backup

Watching your Mac suddenly die can be a heart-sinking moment, especially if you were in the middle of...