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HDDs and SSDs are critical components of your desktop or laptop computer. Most of your valuable files and folders are stored on internal or external HDDs and SSDs. Unfortunately, this data can be accidentally deleted or corrupted and the devices can experience logical or physical damage. We offer articles that cover all aspects of HDD and SSD recovery including how to recover data without formatting the device, recovering from a formatted drive, and information on recovering specific devices such as Western Digital My Passport hard drives.

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Manuviraj Godara

How to Recover Files Deleted By CHKDSK

The CHKDSK utility is commonly used to repair a wide variety of disk-related errors in Windows. But occasionally,...


Profile Manuviraj Godara
Manuviraj Godara

How to Access the Recycle Bin on an External Hard Drive

The Recycle Bin feature on your HDD can be a lifesaver if you accidentally delete important files from...


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Jordan Jamieson-Mane

Top 5 Best SSD Data Recovery Software

Oh no! You've lost an important file from your SSD. Before you burst into panic mode, you may...


Profile Jordan Jamieson-Mane
Jordan Jamieson-Mane

How to Recover Data from an Uninitialized Hard Disk

An uninitialized disk is not what you want to see after booting up your computer. It means that...


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Alejandro Santos

NVMe Data Recovery: How to Restore Data From NVMe/M2 SSD

NVMe drives are slightly different from other SSDs, which can make recovering data more difficult. However, NVMe data...