Best Data Recovery Software For PC

Data loss can occur for many reasons. Whatever the cause, you will need reliable data recovery software for the PC like Disk Drill. It offers free data protection tools that enable you to safeguard important files and folders from accidental deletion and superior data recovery capabilities. Read on to find out more about this valuable data recovery solution.
Free version recovers up to 500 MB

Disk Drill - Easy to Use Data Recovery Tool for PC

Disk Drill provides users with sophisticated scanning algorithms wrapped in an intuitive interface that enables quick and easy data recovery. It’s a stable solution that has been assisting users to recover from data loss scenarios for over ten years. The tool has many features that contribute to its utility as a PC recovery software.
Some of the excellent attributes of this software solution include:

  • State of the art scanning capabilities that quickly recover deleted files in over 400 formats;
  • Support for virtually all disk-based storage devices;
  • Free data protection tools that enable you to protect valuable files and folders from accidental deletion;
  • Byte-level backups that can be used for data recovery and additional protection;
  • User-friendly interface designed for quick and easy recovery.
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Users can take advantage of the free trial that Disk Drill for Windows offers which allows them to recover up to 500 MB of hard drive data before making a financial commitment to the tool. Even if you don’t choose to upgrade to the paid version, you can continue to use the free data protection tools for as long as you like.

Disk Drill is also available for Mac computers and offers the same excellent recovery capabilities. The Mac version has a slightly different user interface and does not provide for free data recovery. The free trial allows users to preview recoverable data before purchasing the Pro version.

Check out this link for more information on the best paid data recovery software available for Windows users.

Recover Files From Any Storage Device

Disk Drill is superior hard drive recovery software that can also be used on a wide variety of other storage devices including:
  • Internal Hard Drives
    Internal Hard Drives
    Seagate®, Western Digital®, Toshiba® and more
  • External Hard Drives
    External Hard Drives
    Adata®, LaCie®, Transcend®, Maxone® and more
  • SSDs
    Kingston®, Samsung®, PNY®, SanDisk®, Crucial® and more
  • USB Drive
    USB Drives
    Samsung®, Kingston®, Corsair®, PNY®, Silicon Power® and more
  • SD CF Card
    SD / CF Cards
    SanDisk®, Lexar®, Integral®, PNY®, Kingston® and more
  • Digital Camera
    Digital Cameras
    HP®, Sony®, GoPro®, Canon®, Nikon®, Panasonic® and more
  • Mobile devices and smartphones
    Mobile Devices & Smartphones
    Samsung®, iPhone®, Huawei®, Google Pixel®, LG® and more
  • PC and macOS desktop machines
    PC & macOS Desktop Machines
    Dell®, HP®, Acer®, Asus®, Apple iMac® and more
  • Laptops running Windows or the Mac operating system
    Laptops Running Windows or Mac
    Dell®, Lenovo®, MacBook Pro®, MacBook Air® and more

Supported File Formats

Disk Drill’s advanced scanning functionality can recover files in over 400 different formats. Here are just some of the file types that can be restored with this recovery software for the PC.
  • Document
    DOCX (Microsoft Word), PDF (Portable Document Format), PPTX (Microsoft PowerPoint), XLSX (Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet) and more.
  • Images
    JPG/JPEG, PNG (Portable Network Graphic), BMP, TIFF (Tagged Image File Format), PSD, EPS, AI (Adobe Illustrator), RAW and more.
  • Audio
    MP3 (MPEG Audio Stream, Layer III), OGG, AAC (Advanced Audio Coding), WMA (Windows Media audio files), FLAC and more.
  • Video
    AVI, FLV (Flash video), WMV (Windows Media Video), MOV (Apple QuickTime movie), MP4 (MPEG-4 video), WebM, MKV (Matroska Video) and more.
  • Archive
    ZIP (Extended Zip File), RAR (WinRAR Compressed Archive), DMG (Mac OS X Disk Image), 7Z (7-Zip Compressed), CAB (Windows Cabinet File) and more.
  • Other Files
    Other Files
    ACCDB (Microsoft Database), DB (Paradox), SQL (bundled SQL queries), MYO (MYOB Limited Windows File), OTF (OpenType Font) and more.
5 Easy Steps

How to Restore Deleted Files via Data Recovery Software for PC

Here’s an overview that walks you through using this file recovery software for the PC to get your lost data back.

Download & Install Disk Drill Data Recovery Software

Download and install Disk Drill for Windows. Perform this step on a removable storage device if the deleted data is on your main hard drive.
file recovery software for pc

Launch Disk Drill & Select the Disk-based Storage Device From the List

Launch Disk Drill and choose the recovery disk from the list displayed in the app’s main window. You will need to connect any external media needed for the recovery before starting the program.
pc recovery software

Select the Scan Mode & Start Scanning

Select the scanning mode that you want to use for the recovery. You may get the results you need with a quick scan and that should usually be your first choice. Disk Drill’s deep scanning mode looks at your disk on a sector-by-sector basis and can identify and reconstruct fragments from files deleted long ago.
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Preview the Results & Select the Files You Want to Restore

Preview the results of the scan to see which files can be recovered. Choose those you want to recover from among those returned in the preview.
pc data recovery

Choose the Location & Recover Your Data

Choose a safe location at which to store the recovered data. Don’t use the same media that contained the deleted files or you risk file corruption or accidentally overwriting the files. Once you have selected a location, perform the recovery and let Disk Drill finish its operation. When the process completes, you can verify that the files have been recovered and use them with the apps that created them.
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Disk Drill Alternatives

1. Recuva


Recuva can be obtained as a freeware or a paid solution. It is no longer under support and can only be run on Windows systems up to Windows 8. Installation can be difficult as the app tries to install additional software during the process.


  • Free unlimited file recovery
  • Two GUIs for users with different levels of experience
  • Securely erases files
  • Graphically displays recovery probability


  • Limited preview capability
  • Attempts to install additional software
  • Bad folder structure recovery

2. ProSoft Data Rescue

Prosoft Data Rescue 5

This paid recovery product supports Windows and Mac computers and offers a free demo to users. It is designed for use by home users as well as data recovery professionals.


  • Can perform RAID recovery;
  • Supports many devices and file types;
  • Ability to clone drives for recovery purposes.


  • Professional licenses are on an annual subscription basis;
  • Standard version only allows recovery on five drives;
  • Slow scanning speed and inconsistent file recovery.

3. PhotoRec


PhotoRec is free data recovery software. It is a freeware product that can be used to recover photos as well as other types of files in over 480 different formats. It does not offer the same type of functionality or user-friendliness of Disk Drill.


  • Free and unlimited file recovery;
  • Supports many file types;
  • Satisfactory recovery results;
  • Program is supported and updated annually.


  • No preview option is available;
  • Does not recover filenames or folder structure;
  • Requires additional storage for recovered files during scanning.

Key Points for Successful Hard Drive File Recovery

Here are some tips that will give you the best chance to recover your lost data.
  • Stop using the device
    As soon as you realize that data has been lost, you should immediately stop using the device that contained the deleted files. Windows does not physically remove a file when it is instructed to delete it. The operating system marks the storage area as available for future use and will overwrite the original data when it needs the space. If you don’t use the device, the data you want to recover cannot be overwritten and Disk Drill can retrieve it for you.
  • Take a byte-level backup
    In the case of corrupt or failing storage media, you should take a byte-level backup from which to perform data recovery. This eliminates the wear and tear that the scanning and recovery process will put on the device. The backup only requires one final pass on the disk and then all further work can use the backup, which will contain the deleted files that you want to recover.
  • Take regular backups
    It is a widely accepted best practice to back up your data regularly. In addition to using Disk Drill’s byte-level backup facility, you should make it your habit to back up your important files and folders regularly. You might want to set a reminder to pop up on your computer so you don’t forget this vitally important step in your busy day-to-day activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated on by Disk Drill Team

A raw drive is a hard disk that does not contain a filesystem. Data on raw drives cannot be recognized by an operating system or applications. To access the data, specialized software is required that can interrogate the drive on the byte level. Data recovery software can perform this feat.

No. Performing a quick format in the Windows operating system simply erases the file system journal, not the actual data. The files and folders are still physically present on the disk and can potentially be restored as long as the storage space they occupied is not used for other purposes.

Data recovery software is an application that can restore data that is no longer available to the operating system. It recovers files that have been logically deleted from your disk but physically remain on the media. They take advantage of the method modern operating systems use to delete data.

You can obtain some data recovery software for free. Most reputable commercial solutions offer a free trial of the tool to see if it’s right for your situation. Disk Drill provides Windows users with 500 MB of free data recovery before making any financial investment in the program.

Yes. Unless you plan on performing data recovery on the drive, you should format it before starting to use it. Without the filesystem that formatting will install on the drive, it will not be very useful to your system or applications. A full format will provide a clean environment for your data.

Here is the best data recovery software for Windows:

  1. Disk Drill;
  2. Recuva;
  3. Prosoft Data Rescue;
  4. TestDisk and PhotoRec;
  5. Wondershare RecoverIt;
  6. MiniTool Power Data Recovery;
  7. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard;
  8. Wise Data Recovery;
  9. PC Inspector File Recovery;
  10. Stellar Data Recovery Software.
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