Which Data Recovery Software Works Best?

When it comes to best data recovery software for Windows, Disk Drill stands out with its powerful features and an intuitive user interface that promotes discoverability. Disk Drill comes in handy whenever you accidentally delete a file, empty the Recycle Bin a bit too soon, or after many other common data loss situations. If you have Disk Drill on your system and act quickly enough, you are guaranteed to recover your lost files and save the day — and you don’t have to pay a single dollar.

Free version recovers up to 500MB

Do you know that you can still recover your files even after you’ve emptied the Recycle Bin? Disk Drill uses advanced file recognition algorithms capable of distinguishing leftover fragments of files from random disk noise. Thanks to them, you can use disk drill, the best free data recovery software for the Windows operating system, to recovery over 300 file formats from all popular storage devices. Don’t worry, data recovery with Disk Drill requires no advanced computer knowledge nor the willingness to study incomprehensible manuals. Disk Drill is intuitive and well-documented — you’ll love it!

#1 Download and install Disk Drill for Windows

Disk Drill for Windows is available for free, allowing you to recover up to 1GB of data at no cost. Use this to your advantage and keep it always installed. When you experience a loss of data, the last thing you want to do is waste precious time looking for the right data recovery solution and downloading it from the internet, potentially overwriting the very same files you want to recover.

The best course of action is to stop using the affected device altogether until you’re ready to start the recovery process. Data recovery isn’t something you want to rush, nor it is something to take lightly. If you think that a brand-new hard drive is enough to keep your data safe, you’re wrong. Like all electro-mechanical devices, even the most reliable hard drives on the market sometimes fail and become corrupted. What’s more, the number of new malware samples recognized each day by top security companies is rising with each passing year, and anti-malware vendors can barely keep up with the bad guys. When all other safety mechanisms fail, Disk Drill for Windows can help you clean up the mess and minimize the damage.
  • 1Download Disk Drill
  • 2Install it
  • 3Start Disk Drill for Windows

#2 Data recovery with a press of a button

The best file recovery software should be as simple as possible yet come with all the features users might need to recover their data. Disk Drill for Windows meets these requirements with flying colors. Data recovery with Disk Drill is a matter of selecting your storage device and pressing the Recover button. From there, Disk Drill takes care of everything for you as you wait a minute or two for the results. The official online knowledge base explains all common, and not so common, data recovery scenarios in great detail, but we doubt you’ll ever need it — Disk Drill is that intuitive. How to recover Recycle Bin

#3 Best free data recovery software

We believe, it’s hard to find a better free data recovery solution than Disk Drill. It’s the combination of usability, reliability, performance, experience and the excellent price of exactly zero dollars that make Disk Drill the go to choice of countless information technology professionals from around the world. Recycle bin recovery
One thing that makes Disk Drill for Windows the best hard drive recovery software on the market is its speed. Modern hard drives can hold several TBs worth of data. Unless you use a data recovery software that can quickly, accurately, and reliably analyze the entire hard drive, you’re almost guaranteed to miss something important. Disk Drill has been developed by an experienced team with a passion for software development and data recovery. Ordinary data recovery tools use readily available techniques that offer poor performance, but Disk Drill relies on proprietary data recovery algorithms that can recognize over 200 different file formats from all common storage devices.

Recovered files from the emptied Recycle Bin

Just because you’ve emptied the Recycle Bin doesn’t mean you can’t recover your files. Disk Drill for Windows recovers files by analyzing the underlying file system. Disk Drill wouldn’t be the best hard drive recovery software if it didn’t have a few tricks up its sleeve. Supporting multiple recovery methods, Disk Drill can effectively handle even the most difficult data loss cases. It comes bundled with several useful tools that greatly increase its already fantastic value.
Protect Your Files in Advance

#4 One click data recovery

Data recovery with Disk Drill for Windows takes just a single click. Of course, you can select if you want Disk Drill to recover all deleted data at once or just a few selected files. Disk Drill presents its findings in an organized fashion, allowing you to easily locate what you’re looking for.
Disk Drill for Windows is the best free recovery software available to the users of the Windows operating system. It’s received praised from countless users — amateurs and professionals alike — from around the world, who all praise its usability and reliability. Recycle bin recovery

Never miss even a single file

Thanks to Disk Drill’s renowned reliability provided by its advanced data recovery algorithms, you’ll never miss a single file. One fantastic feature of Disk Drill for Windows is called Deep Scan. When you activate it, Disk Drill will scrutinize every sector for your storage device until it finds all deleted files. You can be sure that every single file that can be recovered will be found.
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  • Daniel C. — Have you erased photos or other valuable files unintentionally? Has your antivirus messed with a valid file treating a false positive? Can't locate a lost app or document, even with the enabled Windows System Restore? The answer is here: go for Disk Drill Windows Data Recovery (former Pandora Recovery).