Pandora Recovery 2.0.1 - July, 3 2008

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Search Statistics
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The most requested feature, FAT support, has been implemented and released to production as a part of the new Pandora Recovery 2.0.1.

Pandora Recovery 2.0.1 expands the list of supported formats to include FAT16 and FAT32. In effect, this allows recovery of files wiped out from digital camera cards, USB flash drives, Win98 and some older WinXP hard drives.
So, if you have accidentally pressed 'Delete All' on your camera - do not despair - Pandora Recovery 2.0.1 will quickly bring your images back.

In addition to the above, the latest release implements support for automatic device insertion and removal detection, makes search statistics available to the user, adds % overwritten to the list of sort criteria and improves navigation paths.
By default, only the deleted items, or folders with deleted files or subfolders will be displayed in the browse tree, while in pre-2.0.1 releases all files would be displayed. The display can be toggled by using the 'Show deleted items only' button in the toolbar.
The user interface has been localized to Russian and Serbian locale.
Finally, Pandora PowerPack has been expanded to include 1GB Flash Drive.

Pandora Recovery 1.3.7 - September, 26 2007

Pandora Recovery 1.3.7, optimized and with the expanded functionality has been released.

Version 1.3.7 more than doubles the list of the file types supported by the surface/cluster scan. The newest version can detect and recover DOC and DOCX (MS Word 95-2007), XLS and XLSX (MS Excel 95-2007), PPT and PPTX (MS PowerPoint 95-2007), MP3 and ZIP files even if the corresponding MFT record has been re-used or damaged. During the testing phase an MS Word 95 DOC deleted 11 (eleven!) years ago was successfully recovered.

Version 1.3.7 significantly improves the speed of the surface scan and introduced several visual indicators of a scan in progress, including an animated icon in the taskbar notification area (better known as the system tray or simply the tray). The lifetime of the help tool-tips has been extended and the list of columns on the search tab has been expanded to include all available attributes.

Pandora Recovery 1.2.23 - August, 17 2007

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We are proud to announce the release of Pandora Recovery 1.2.23 - our second production-level release. Version 1.2.23 introduces support for UNICODE as a major new feature. With UNICODE support the average number of successfully detected deleted files increases. It also allows us to localize Pandora Recovery user interface. So far we have localized the interface to Spanish and Russian and support for few more languages is on the way.

This version introduces improved handling of fragmented MFT records and corrupted or bad clusters. It implements several smaller bugfixes and improvements improving both the results and the user experience.

Version 1.2.23 is also available as a part of the Pandora PowerPack through portable Pandora Mobile Recovery.

Pandora Mobile Recovery - Portable software that requires no installation

Pandora Power Pack
Pandora Power Pack
Pandora Mobile Recovery is a portable version of Pandora Recovery that requires no installation and is distributed together with a removable storage unit (1GB USB jump drive) as a part of Pandora PowerPack.
Every user of Pandora Mobile Recovery enjoys an increase in the data recovery success rate through two major direct benefits of this portable version:
  • no deleted data gets corrupted during the installation process. (Each installation of any software takes up some space on your hard drive. This will likely overwrite some of the deleted data making it unrecoverable.)
  • no deleted data gets corrupted during recovery. If you recover deleted files to a drive that the data originally resided on, the recovered data will have to take some of the space on the disk. (It is very likely that some of the deleted data will get overwritten and corrupted in the process.) With Pandora Power Pack you can simply recover the deleted data to the Pandora Mobile Recovery removable storage unit.

In addition to that, every user gets:

  • 1GB USB jump drive
  • PC Pandora Demo
  • $20 discount on a single PC Pandora order (coupon code delivered together with Pandora PowerPack)
  • ability to use Pandora Recovery within commercial enterprises (Pandora Recovery is free for non-commercial use - with Pandora Mobile Recovery you can charge friends and family for the services, or use it within your existing business operation)
  • and all of that with 50% discount if purchased by the end of March (single unit, on sale for $19.95, regularly sells for $39.95)


Please select the quantity and click "Proceed" to start the ordering procedure, using Google Checkout.
Note: if you want to order more than five Pandora PowerPacks or you are interested in reseller rights please contact our business development department using the contact form.

We encourage you to order Pandora PowerPack, but if you are on a very tight budget and you do not plan to use the software for commercial purposes, or your shipping address is not in the USA or Canada you can click here to download the free version.