Pandora Mobile Recovery - Portable software that requires no installation

Pandora Power Pack
Pandora Power Pack
Pandora Mobile Recovery is a portable version of Pandora Recovery that requires no installation and is distributed together with a removable storage unit (1GB USB jump drive) as a part of Pandora PowerPack.
Every user of Pandora Mobile Recovery enjoys an increase in the data recovery success rate through two major direct benefits of this portable version:
  • no deleted data gets corrupted during the installation process. (Each installation of any software takes up some space on your hard drive. This will likely overwrite some of the deleted data making it unrecoverable.)
  • no deleted data gets corrupted during recovery. If you recover deleted files to a drive that the data originally resided on, the recovered data will have to take some of the space on the disk. (It is very likely that some of the deleted data will get overwritten and corrupted in the process.) With Pandora Power Pack you can simply recover the deleted data to the Pandora Mobile Recovery removable storage unit.

Wow. God, you so saved my 99 accidentally deleted pictures from a vacation. whew. Stilll shaking hands - dragged them to a wrong folder, then deleted with many other folders in a habitual Shft+Del... Went to sleep thinking that's it - better get used to the thought... Woke up thinking of trying to recover the files, so started looking for a freeware. in 10 years of using computers every day all day, this is the first time I had to recover data, so the track record didn't really justify purchasing of a pay-for program. However, if this NICE and QUICK program wasn't available, I would have had to buy one, because my photographs justified that - rare opportunity for some careful photography in nature with long drives to and from, mindful setups, etc - all part of the plan to print some high quality fine art photographs. well, anyway! thank you for the program! it absolutely made my month! didn't show my USB drive as an available for recovery, but it's ok. much obliged!
Thank you so much! I accidentally deleted my music and nearly flipped! cannot thank you enough for creating such a user friendly program, which is both efficient and free. I will certainly spread the word of your good work and come back should I be an idiot again! Kind regards.

In addition to that, every user gets:

  • 1GB USB jump drive
  • PC Pandora Demo
  • $20 discount on a single PC Pandora order (coupon code delivered together with Pandora PowerPack)
  • ability to use Pandora Recovery within commercial enterprises (Pandora Recovery is free for non-commercial use - with Pandora Mobile Recovery you can charge friends and family for the services, or use it within your existing business operation)
  • and all of that with 50% discount if purchased by the end of April (single unit, on sale for $19.95, regularly sells for $39.95)


Please select the quantity and click "Proceed" to start the ordering procedure, using Google Checkout.
Note: if you want to order more than five Pandora PowerPacks or you are interested in reseller rights please contact our business development department using the contact form.

And if you think Pandora Mobile Recovery and Pandora PowerPack are more than what you need, you can download the standalone version Pandora Recovery for free.