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Pandora PowerPack and Pandora Mobile Recovery

Pandora Mobile Recovery is a portable version of Pandora Recovery that requires no installation and is distributed together with a removable storage unit (512MB USB jump drive) as a part of Pandora PowerPack.
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Download Pandora Recovery
Get Pandora Recovery from CNET! Download from - recommended
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Pandora Corp Server Download from local server (if the above location is not available)

Installation Instructions

To install Pandora Recovery please do the following:

1. Download the Pandora Recovery installer from one of the download servers listed above.
2. Run the installer on the computer you wish to use to recover the deleted data with. After clicking the link above, simply click RUN or OPEN when the dialog window pops up.

Download Pandora File Recovery
3 . Proceed with the installation.
4 . Once installation is complete run the software and follow the wizard to start recovering deleted data.

IMPORTANT! To increase the success of file recovery it is strongly recommended that you recover your deleted file(s) to a secondary hard drive, a network drive, USB flash drive, or other external media. While recovery to the same drive that the deleted file(s) reside on is physically possible it may lead to partial or permanent loss of your deleted content. Non-deleted file(s) will never be put at risk in either circumstance.


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